She and Him 2013 Tour

My favorite pic of the band. 

44. Go to Nashville

On June 13, I saw the marvelous She and Him at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee.  I have seen She and Him perform before, but I get nervous and excited to the point of pure happiness. I am a very biased judge and will only give them glowing reviews, but they of course deserve it.

The last time I saw She and Him, I automatically listened to their two albums on repeat for days. The best thing about the band, besides M.Ward’s amazing voice and Zooey Deschanel’s adorableness is their dedication. They are one of the only bands I know that will play almost every song off of their albums. They barely stop for a break, they often will journey through. They haven’t toured in Cincinnati yet, so each time I do see them I often have to drive a bit. It’s always worth it because I know they will fit as many expertly sung songs as they can into a few hours.

It’s easy to tell within a few months of knowing me that I have a mad crush on Matt and Zooey. They’re both so talented, and I really love their music. While the third album is good, I can’t help but venture towards their first two. I went through so much during those two albums and they’re like my own personal security blanket. I can remember exactly where I was, how I felt and who I wanted to be when I listened to them. So they are very special to me. I also start to listen to their Christmas album in late October to prepare for Christmas. So obviously you can tell I’m a more than devoted fan. I will actually talk about the concert now.

I was so excited to hear the Secret Sisters play before She and Him performed. I knew I had heard their voices before, but couldn’t pinpoint where from until they mentioned the Hunger Games soundtrack. I automatically knew what song they were going to play next, because it was one of my favorites from the soundtrack. They were both so sweet, funny and adorably nervous that I wanted their album immediately (Must buy on iTunes soon). They both had beautiful voices and we’re easy to love.

She and Him had an amazing band to back up their sound. I recognized their female backup singers from the previous concert and immediately swooned at She and Him’s first note. Everything was amazing. One of my favorite parts of the concert was when they quieted down the audience to sing the song “You Really Got A Hold On Me” without mics and only Ward’s guitar. The whole theater was silent and I really think it was a new way to express the song.

I went to a previous concert in Cleveland, Ohio in 2010 and the band didn’t speak as much. It was probably because they performed almost every song on both of their albums and a few covers. Which, don’t get me wrong AT ALL, I loved every moment but I was only a little disappointed because I really wanted normal dialogue from Zooey and Matt (Even though I knew that Matt probably doesn’t talk much on stage). I was delighted when Zooey talked about their songs and when she had written them or why. “I Thought I Saw Your Face Today”, was apparently written when she was around 19 years old. She also told us that she wrote one song on Christmas day a few years ago, but I can’t remember at all which one it was.

At the end of concert, when the encore began, I noticed that people were rushing towards the front of the stage. I of course threw my purse to my friend and ran up there. I was close to the stage, and it was the closest I had ever been to the band. I immediately fangirled and freaked out when she sang, “I Put a Spell on You”, Despite being 24 years old, I can still freak out like a 14 year old. It really was a great night.


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