What do you want to do with your life? (Part 1)

Yes, this is an actual photo of me at age two. I was in the 5th percentile for growth and height, so being statuesque was never in my future. I like to call this picture my ecstatic Shirley Temple shot since my hair was/has always been unbelievably curly.

I had a great childhood. I don’t know if I’m in the norm in that department, but mine was pretty boring for the most part. I did get made fun of for being a dork and weird a lot though… I was a really eccentric kid and was waaayyy too outgoing and energetic. In my second grade report card I received straight A’s but talked too much. Each report was riddled with negative comments about my uncanny ability to not shut up. Also, I was bullied quite a bit, but in my experience that was common. Yeah, it hurt my feelings but kids are cruel and bullying (At least for me) helped me root myself even more into who I am. After high school I gave up on trying to fit in and pretend that I liked things that I didn’t. It’s really frustrating to pretend to be an entirely different person all the time.

When I got to college it was definitely better than high school. I was so excited for college because people didn’t care what you wore or who you were. It was easy to find students with the same interests as you. Also, dating was a heck of a lot easier because there was a much bigger dating pool to choose from.

After I finished college I freaked out. What am I doing? I’ve been in the same job since high school, I still live with my parents and I haven’t published anything!?! I had a small break down for many reasons. I had just graduated, my love life was in shambles and I was getting fed up working part time. I also lived with my parents all of my life and I needed a break from them. Basically, I needed independence but I had too much freedom as well. Nothing seemed to be going for me at the time and I was morbidly depressed.

I let myself sink into a depression for almost a year. It’s a lot to soak in when you graduate. A LOT. You’re a grown up now and when you finish college you get ask the most annoying question in the world, “What do you want to do with your life now?” I think that question should be outlawed. Hardly any individual in their twenties will know what they want to do with their life, if any. It’s a huge question and any twenty something can tell you that college doesn’t guarantee a job anymore. I used to think that if I finished school I would find a job and that would be that. Not so much…

I’ll be writing a part two-er tomorrow. But I wanted some feedback if I could. What about you guys? Did you feel like your life was slightly over after college?

^ I like this video, while I’m not the biggest fan of Bryarly, she made great points and I related to this a lot.


About juliagoolia1920

I'm a twenty something wannabee writer, who is trying to figure out this whole adulthood thing. In my free time, when I'm not writing, I enjoy beer and Netflix. Preferably together. I gravitate towards Cincinnati at night and live in the burbs during the day. On my blog you will find reviews, anecdotes, stories and the occasional rant.

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  1. The good news is you have the freedom of choice. I assume you are in good health, at least physically if not mentally. Just kidding. My best advice is to always choose what makes you happy in your heart. Always choose things that bring you closer to peace, love and joy. We are at opposite ends of the life spectrum. Now, the choices become simpler for me.Every day is a gift and an opportunity to experience real joy in every aspect of my life. Sometimes we have to walk an unconventional path to be who we truly are. It takes courage. I encourage you to have that courage.

  2. I graduated this past June,and while life after college has been quite different than before, I wouldn’t say that it’s been over. Obviously there are expectations for recent graduates, but I feel that some people know what they want to do earlier than others, but in the end everyone ends up doing what they want to do.It’s just all about patience.

    • Michael, congrats on graduating! I definitely need to work on my patience level. I definitely thought my life was over for a bit, but now I think it’s getting a lot better. I’m writing more about college growing up stuff in my part 2. Please read it if you get a chance 🙂 .

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