Comparing Bunbury to Forecastle Festival

I wish I could tell you that the reason why I haven’t written about Forecastle was that I’ve been really busy but I honestly don’t have an excuse. It was really crazy because my friend and I decided to drive back and forth all three days. While it was the cheaper option, it definitely wasn’t the most convenient option. When you drive to Louisville from the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area there is a lot of construction going on with the expressways, so do be mindful of that cause it drove us crazy at times. Besides the construction and the sunburn I received from being a moron (I prioritized bands over sunscreen, but it was worth it) this was an amazing festival! By the way, sorry for the long post! Go to my YouTube channel  for video clips from the day and check out my gallery to the right for snippets from the day.

Day One

Amidst the traffic we did get to see Local Natives on time. I hadn’t heard of them before, but my friend really liked them so I gave them a shot. Here’s the thing, if you haven’t heard a band’s songs before there’s only so much fun you can have (Usually). You can watch the show, think that the music sounds good but ultimately you’re gonna be a little bummed that you didn’t know the songs better. I’m the happiest when I know a song and can sing along with the band. That being said, I thought they were good but I wasn’t familiar enough with their music to be truly excited or involved.


Tyler from Twenty One Pilots. Yes, my hand is in the center of that photo there reaching for him…. No, I am not ashamed.


Twenty One Pilots were amazing, as usual. I honestly haven’t been this excited about a band since She and Him… well and with She and Him as much as I love it-you can’t dance like you can to Twenty One Pilots. The energy of the crowd is indescribable. Everyone looks happy, energetic and completely free. They play on the crowd, they have amazing drum solos, Tyler climbs the scaffolding (Well not this time but he did at other performances), the duo do flips, etc. They really are stellar performers who as Tyler said, “We’re going to give you everything we have, we promise. We’re just going to pour it out for you.” When the band ended my friend and I were genuinely bummed because we wanted them to play another two hours. They are the kind of band that one performance just isn’t enough. We did get to see them at Bogarts last October and Bunbury last year but honestly, we could see them another ten times and still be as excited. While they’re not exactly from the “tri-state” area (They’re originally from Columbus) it’s fun to think that they were regular Ohians not too long ago. I do admit that Tyler and Josh set the bar very high, and while I did love other performances, they were definitely my favorite. If you want to see some really bad quality videos (You can definitely hear me talking through it) then go to my YouTube channel.

Since my friend and I knew that we were going to be there the whole weekend we kind of stepped back, got some food and listened to Spoon from afar. The crowd’s while not completely claustrophobic were somewhat annoying to fight unless you really cared for the band. Spoon, while they’re a good band, wasn’t worth fighting for. So instead I got some Chinese food and we watched from afar. I do have to say having the water supply and porta potties underneath the bridge was a great idea. Less smelly and the water was almost cold. We also decided to take it slow with Outkast. The crowd was vivacious and we really couldn’t get decent pictures from either performance due to the large crowds so we took a backseat and sat on a bench nearby. I completely forgot how Outkast had sort of integrated itself into my high school life because I flashbacked to a few high school dances. My friends and I used to freak out when we heard them i school.

Day Two

Due to the terrible traffic from the day before we arrived to Forecastle fairly early. We walked around and looked at fan art and tshirts that we were not going to buy but appreciated nonetheless. My friend had wanted to see Lord Huron so we headed that way when the time came. They were good, but I voice what I said about Local Natives. They were fun but I hadn’t heard enough to be that enthralled. We had two hours to kill before Band of Horses came on so I did take random pictures of the festival and we had some delicious iced coffee. The coffee was definitely a good idea because while it was rainy looking outside, it was still a scorcher.

Next was Band of Horses. If you’d like to see a poor quality version of “The Funeral” then check out my YouTube channel. I have liked Band of Horses since I first saw the movie “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist”. Ben Bridwell has such a unique voice. Whenever I hear him sing it sort of feels like a lullaby, it’s very soothing and interesting-but the band’s songs are definitely something you want to stay awake for. Bridwell, like everyone else at the concert, was sweating up a storm-he ended up smoking a cigarette on stage in between songs. I really liked them live and it made me want to listen to their cd over and over again in the car.

Jack White was a pleasant surprise. I honestly didn’t know what to think when we were ready for the concert to start. I really liked the White Stripes but I’ve never heard any of White’s solo songs. I must say I was pleasantly surprised and astounded when I felt like jumping up and down and he did play a few White Stripes’ songs as well so I left with a smile on my face. He’s such a great guitarist, not much of a conversationalist though.
Day Three

We arrived around 2:30 for one of my new favorite bands, Lucius. I was lucky enough to stand in the front row. Besides the annoying youths (Yes, I am 25 but when a girl spends the entire performance asking her friends if her hair is cute enough-that is when I realize I don’t understand anyone under the age of 21 anymore). Lucius is amazing! I saw them when I received free tickets to Tegan and Sara this year. They’re a really fun band-but they do have a serious feel to them as well. I once was five feet away from the lead singers but froze up and ran away instead of telling them that I loved their show.

We mosied around until Brett Dennin started. I had only heard a few songs by him in the car that day, so again, I was not very familiar with him but I was also completely shocked when I saw him. Brett Dennin has a gorgeous voice, he’s a skinny red head with a baby face, which is why watching him was so enjoyable. He danced and twisted and made jokes the entire performance. Dennin made the concert fun and while it was burning hot outside, I didn’t notice because I was laughing and badly dancing along with him.

After Dennin we headed over to watch Jenny Lewis who brought along the Watson Twins. I really did enjoy her album with the Watson Twins, so I was happy with the overall performance. Unfortunately she didn’t play “It wasn’t me” or that many Rilo Kiley songs, but I was only disappointed because I knew those ones the most. Her outfit while outlandish (Direct quote from a concert goer: “It looks like Lisa Frank threw up on her pant suit.”) it was happy and uplifting like her music.

We stopped and listened to Nickel Creek for a bit before getting another iced coffee and a pulled pork sandwich. They were entertaining but I had a hard time concentrating by that time. It was really hot that day, it was the last day and everyone smelled like B.O. so it was hard convincing myself to not watch from afar instead of joining the crowd. Ray LaMontagne I have to say was kind of a bummer. I hate saying that, but his set was probably the most disappointing. He only played songs from his new album (Which I didn’t like as much) and there was hardly any crowd interaction. He kept playing song after song that none of us seemed to know except the die hard LaMontagne fans. I heard “Trouble”, which is my favorite song by him (I know really original) so I was ready to go.

Overall my favorite performance was of course Twenty One Pilots, but I did thoroughly enjoy Lucius as well. I was pleasantly surprised by the awesomeness of Brett Dennin, Jack White and Outkast. My least favorite performance was Ray LaMontagne but I think that if he stuck to his old stuff and sprinkled in a few new songs he would’ve done much better.

In comparison to my Bunbury experience, I enjoyed Forecastle’s format more. Granted, there’s more shade at Forecastle, they’ve had more experience planning these things, and well it’s a different venue so of course its going to be a little more exciting. I also liked that Forecastle had all of the food locations (Pretty much) in the same area. It was easier to find what I wanted quickly. However, I do realize that Bunbury is definitely a bigger location with more stages so that is why everything is so spread out. Forecastle made it easier to walk around and there was less pushing and shoving than Bunbury. While both music festivals are awesome, I will have to go with Forecastle. I was rather discouraged by Bunbury’s lineup this summer so I didn’t attend because I only wanted to see Fitz and the Tantrums, Young the Giant and New Politics. While I don’t mind Paramore and Fall Out Boy-I didn’t think the festival was worth spending the money on.


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