Panic! At The Disco, Walk the Moon and Youngblood Hawke


Whooot look at this bad quality photo. You know you like it.

I love concerts. Concerts can make me feel invincible and creative to a point where I want to drop everything and try to find a band who needs a singer or backup vocals. I really have to like a band to go to their concert. When I was in high school I would go to concerts and stand right in the mosh pit if I could. The only downside of being 17 and 5’2 is that everyone wants you to crowd surf. I might be adventurous but I really despise crowd surfing. If others do it, great. Me? No. Luckily I have gone to most concerts this year with a friend who has the same sentiments. While it sucks for you guys, (All of my pictures are kinda low par quality) it’s really the best situation for me to be in the back at a reasonable distance. If I really love the band I’ll stand close to the stage, if not, I’m fine with sitting and watching at a reasonable distance.

I will start off with saying that I mainly wanted to go to the Panic! At The Disco concert for Walk the Moon. Walk the Moon has been a favorite of mine since the beginning of summer last year. In the beginning Youngblood Hawke played and they were good. I do love the popular hit “We Come Running” and they do have a good energy, but I didn’t know the majority of their songs so I really can’t give you much feedback on their set.

When Walk the Moon came on stage I smiled like an idiot and shrieked like the rest of the teenagers in the pavilion. Walk the Moon has a cd that I can listen to over and over again in the car. Their songs are flavorful and fun in such a way that I feel like it’s summertime even when I listen to their songs in the winter. They’re truly a great group and they’re from Cincinnati so that’s always a bonus. They even let us listen to a few new songs. I instantly fell for their new song “Shutup and Dance”. It was cute and quirky (Like the rest of their songs) but it was playful and funny too. Twenty One Pilots and Walk the Moon are two recent bands that have stolen my heart, I would love to see them do a show together! Who would’ve guessed that Ohio contains such amazing bands?

I haven’t heard that many songs from Panic!’s new album but I thought that they would play a few songs from their second and first album. Not so much. I admit I didn’t stay until the end of the setlist. Nothing against Panic! at all, I just really like their older stuff more than their newer songs. When I listen to their old album I have high school flashbacks and completely indulge in my emo stage. it’s great. After they did a cover of “Bohemian Rhapsody” and my new favorite of their’s, “Miss Jackson” I was good to go. Oh and for a rather coy anecdote from Brendon Urie (Lead singer of the band) about the inspiriation behind “Miss Jackson”, check out this video.

The photos below have all been reblogged onto my Tumblr. They’re not one’s I have taken, mine are wayyyy too crappy. If you’d like to see the videos I took (Also crappy) click here.

Also a disclosure…. I’m only screaming like a teenage girl for the Walk the Moon videos, the rest are the girls next to us haha.

Walk the Moon

Awesome photo of the cellphones being used as lights for the concert

Brendon Urie half naked… for real. Everybody was screaming and I didn’t know why, then I was like ooooooh that’s why!

Panic singing Bohemian Rhapsody


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