Second job nightmare


Ok, I might not be working in the same kind of restaurant the waitress above is in, but I relate to her “faking it because I’m wanting to yell right now” smile. So, we’re in a terrible economy …still. I graduated in 2011 thinking that finding a full time job wouldn’t be difficult (HA!). I was kind of right, but incredibly wrong at the same time. When you get out of school you have to get an entry level job before you get your real “big kid” job. Plus, this isn’t the 90’s, a college education is practically a necessity in today’s business world. College is required and is no longer revered in society. So you think that having a masters in a subject would help and improve your chances? Wrong. Despite the requirement of MBA’s in let’s say, library science, you might be picked over for a job because they can’t afford to pay you what your worth (Possible experience/somewhat bitter still-maybbeee).

It’s a hard Catch-22 life out there, so sometimes you need to stick it out and get a second job. It’s annoying and frustrating, but I took a real look at my finances and couldn’t compete with the bills. Yeah adulthood! As second jobs go, I could do a lot worse. I work nights, I only work two or three days a week, and I get paid decently well (This is something I have to tell myself of on a weekly basis when I’m working on the weekends). I’m a server at an upscale restaurant. I serve food from the left and pour drinks from the right. I clear off dishes, set tables, make small talk and try my best to not look like a dummy when I do it.

I’ve never worked in the restaurant industry until this summer. I looked at my credit card bill and my bills and broke down and started applying. On the brightside, I gained a complete understanding and admiration of servers and I appreciate others who work full time and have another job. On the other hand, being a server is similar to an encounter in Hell. Sure, the tips and connections are nice-but it’s a stressful job. Did you drop a dirty fork on someone’s lap? Did you forget to “fire” the salads in time? Did you remember that the gentleman asked for decaf coffee? Were you completely awkward and too bossy about the menu? All of these things contribute to your “survival” for your job and your tip.

I made a $50 tip waiting on a table of 16 with another server. I was completely grateful and imagined the countless ways that I could use this small surplus of money (Mainly bar/beer related). Naturally, I lost it. I cried and was upset about it, but then I really looked at the situation. Someone needed it more than me I guess. Not some college kid buying ‘Natty Light…. hopefully.

If I didn’t have such a helpful group of people helping me and looking over my shoulder I might up and quit. I never realized how much of serving is a team effort. The best part of my day is realizing at any moment I could quit at any moment. I could find another part time job and not have to worry.

What was your most hated job? What was your first job? I’d love some tips… pun not intended but I’m leaving it there anyway haha.


About juliagoolia1920

I'm a twenty something wannabee writer, who is trying to figure out this whole adulthood thing. In my free time, when I'm not writing, I enjoy beer and Netflix. Preferably together. I gravitate towards Cincinnati at night and live in the burbs during the day. On my blog you will find reviews, anecdotes, stories and the occasional rant.

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