Top Ten: Things to do in Cincinnati during the holidays


Ok… it’s not Tuesday. I forgot to post this yesterday so please use your imagination and pretend this was posted yesterday. Thanks!

I love the holidays; if you couldn’t tell from my photo. I am that person that listens to Christmas music (Mainly She and Him’s Christmas album) in October and November. I don’t listen to the constant Christmas music channel on the radio but the channel is a saved preset in my car. I hate snow, but during December I don’t mind it as much. It’s the holiday season people. Enjoy it! Watch “Elf” and “Love Actually” a few thousand times and enjoy the weird giddy holiday spirit.

Here are my top ten favorite things to do in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky during the holidays:

1. Go ice skating. I love ice skating. When I was in grade school, ice skating was incredibly popular (Probably because we were going through puberty and couldn’t drive yet and the mall gets boring after awhile). It was where most of my classmates would go on the weekends. I, of course, tried to fit in and started to go ice skating as well. I even used to go in high school with some of my friends on the weekends. Eventually, I became pretty good at ice skating. I’m definitely no Oksana Baiul (A Ukranian figure skater that was popular in the 90’s) but I don’t fall down anymore. Anyways, if you go to Fountain Square’s ice skating rink it’s only $4 including skates. I try to go every year during December.

2. I haven’t seen this play in awhile, but “A Christmas Carol” at Playhouse in the Park is always a good time. It’s fun and while we all know the story, Playhouse changes little things throughout the story every few years and it’s always a spectacular performance.

3.  I’m not a big fan of trains but I love seeing my niece’s reaction when she sees the trains at Entertainment Junction around Christmas time. It’s a fun spot for kids and model train lovers. While I’m no train enthusiast, I will admit that the display is impressive to say the least.

4. This year I won tickets to Holiday in Lights from Cincy Magazine. Ok, so this is sort of a cheat since I haven’t been, but I was going to say looking at neighborhood lights in general and thought I’d take a more specific direction. My niece has been to this before and freaked out, so that counts right? My niece genuinely loves decorations. I’m so excited to go with her and my family this year.

5. This is a growing trend, but I have to include this because of my niece as well. I like going to Newport Aquarium during the winter because she loves the scuba Santa exhibit. It’s a cute way to bring the holiday spirit into a learning experience for kids.

6. The Festival of Lights is where it’s at. This is more of a whole family experience. Everyone in my family loves the zoo. When I go, I buy an apple cider to warm me up through the cold and I visit every exhibit. It’s so much fun. I’ve gone to the Festival of Lights almost every year since I can remember, so it’s a nostalgic experience for me.

7. I’m kind of a hypocrite. While I really enjoy pumpkin flavored everything I also enjoy “Christmas” flavored anything as well. Anything cinnamon or eggnog like (Despite the fact that I dislike eggnog) makes me happy. If you’ve read my blog you know obsessed I am with Coffee Emporium. They make some great coffee peeps. If you like coffee, you like local places and if you’re on an organic kick, like I am, go. No I don’t get paid to say this I’m just really in love with this place. Drink their holiday coffees, they make my day!

8. This isn’t exactly Christmas/holiday related but I love going to a Cincinnati Cyclone’s hockey game during December. I somewhat recently got into hockey, and I enjoy going to the games. I love my Cyclones and have even met a few of them.

9. I haven’t always been a beer fan, but it’s hard to ignore all of the amazing breweries that are in the area. I’m now excited to try all their local winter flavors. I recently tried MadTree’s Thundersnow, which was quite tasty. I’m on a mission to try at least 10 winter ales this season. so I’m glad Party Source is in the area, it makes finding my alcohol a million times easier. If you have any winter ales that I should try and are local, please tell me! I’m going to Beerfest again this year, so look forward to a loooonngg post about my experience, I loved it last time!

10. Krohn Conservatory is amazing during the holidays. It’s so gorgeous and kids love it!

What’s your favorite things to do in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky?


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