Movie Monday: “Horns” Review

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If you’ve read my blog or profile a bit, you know how much I love movies…. and Daniel Radcliffe. I promise my movie reviews won’t always be about Radcliffe’s movies, but he really has made some excellent film decisions lately. I recently reviewed the movie What If, in which Radcliffe starred in, and found it completely relatable and adorable. I would highly recommend checking that one out! Unlike last time, I will not be posting any spoilers because it’s a murder mystery of sorts and this is a movie worth seeing and delving into. I’ve know about the movie Horns since it was first advertised but I hadn’t really looked into it until lately.

The basic premise of the story, without giving anything away, is that Radcliffe is being persecuted both by the media and soon to be by the law for murdering his girlfriend. It has a Gone Girl feel but it’s much more comical, also there’s a supernatural element to it as well. Radcliffe is feeling attacked while he’s trying to grieve a tremendous loss and cannot emotionally or physically handle it and ends up sleeping with a woman that he’s been friends with for years. The morning after Radcliffe realizes he has hit rock bottom and notices that he has grown horns. While at the woman’s house and realizes their power for the first time, his horns can bring out the evil or the ugly in people. The horns can provoke lust, sloth, wrath, etc. (Basically the seven deadly sins) and his horns can make others tell him the truth and confess their deepest feelings (This isn’t a spoiler it happens within the first 15 minutes of the film). Radcliffe uses this ability to interrogate the town so that he can discover who his girlfriend’s killer is.

This movie was intense and heart breaking at times. Horns provides much needed flashbacks and context of what happened between Radcliffe and his deceased girlfriend. They do a great job of making you feel for each character, despite all of them being flawed (My favorite kind). Horns does a splendid job of keeping you on your toes, leaving you confused about who the killer is and makes you love the good and bad in each character. The use of color and suspense in this movie is what really makes this a visually stimulating film. However, I wish that Horns would have gone more into the details about Radcliffe’s power. I can easily suspend my disbelief, I don’t have a problem doing so, but I was a little frustrated when there wasn’t an explanation. This seemed to be the only element of a supernatural existence in the world and I wanted to find out why. As a writer, I can understand not wanting to add more supernatural elements but there needs to be some sort of background or reason why. The book might have explored the reasoning more, but the movie was lacking a bit of a turn around.

Despite my cons, I enjoyed the film. The movie had multiple elements of drama, romance, humor and mystery. If we were in the olden days of Blockbuster, I would be confused about what genre it’d fit into. If you like Radcliffe, humor and a bit of mystery I would recommend this movie. If you have a hard time suspending your disbelief or don’t really enjoy supernatural elements, I would reconsider watching this movie.

If you saw the movie or read the book, what was your opinion?


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