The Top Ten Most Underrated TV Shows/Movies

Hello everyone, it’s top ten Tuesday! Today I wanted to touch on my top ten TV shows/movies that I feel are underrated or ignored. I’ve also included shows/movies that some people might not watch because they think they’re “better” than the show. Guys, this is why we have guilty pleasures! We have to have a few shameful TV shows in our arsenal, it’s only human!

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1. Game of Thrones

-While I know there is a huge fan base for this show, a lot of people won’t watch the show because they think it might be “dorky” or they will have to get too “involved” because there are so many characters to follow. To that I say, who cares! It’s a good show. George R. R. Martin is a talented writer, who wrote about a Tolstoy like world (Since there are thousands of characters) that’s filled with violence, drama, comedy, sex, magic and completely spontaneity. This show will definitely keep you on you toes. Who dies, who lives? Plus, the show is taped in incredible locations. The cinematography, the sets and the costumes are enough to make any media lover drool.

Stranger Than Fiction

2. Stranger Than Fiction

-This is one of my favorite movies. Sadly, hardly anybody has really heard of/remembers this movie. Will Ferrell is the main character of this romantic comedy but Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Queen Latifah make appearances in the film as well. The film’s premise makes me insanely jealous. It’s an idea, that might have been thought of before, but I don’t think it could possibly be executed in a more adorable/relatable way. Harold (Ferrell) is part of Emma Thompson’s new novel, and is narrating Harold’s life. Early on in the movie, we find out that Harold is doomed to die. Harold is quite a bland, static character. but when he learns he’s going to die, he changes his life around. It reminds me of the movie American Beauty in a way. A man realizes that he doesn’t like his life anymore, so he changes it. I love that idea. I can’t imagine dropping everything and pursuing my dreams in the way that they do, but in a way, I wish I could.

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3. Veronika Decides to Die  

-Hey Sarah Michelle Gellar lovers, she’s baacccckkk. Okay, so this movie came out six years ago, but nobody heard about it. I can’t even find a person who’s seen this movie. I don’t know why this movie wasn’t more publicized, possibly on purpose. It screams independent film, (Or maybe it flopped in box office and I wasn’t aware) but I deeply enjoyed this film. This movie is about Veronika (Gellar) committing suicide. While she did not successfully commit suicide, Veronika developed a rare heart condition due to the pills she tried to overdose on that will kill her in a matter of weeks. During her last few weeks, Veronika is forced to stay in a mental asylum where she will continue to be treated medically and emotionally despite the fact that she’s dying. I won’t get into it, because it’s a really intense film, but it’s awesome.


4. It’s Kind of A Funny Story

-Nobody really gave this movie any sort of attention when it first came out, but it’s really hilarious. Craig (Keir Gilchrist from United States of Tara) is a teenager that has been thinking of committing suicide and doesn’t know where to turn. As a last resort, he turns himself in at a hospital and checks into the psych ward. The psych ward is actually being remodeled, so Craig is actually mixed in with both adults and teenagers that are also seeking mental help. This is believe it or not, based on a true story. It’s a great book and a great movie. Emma Roberts and Zach Galifiankis play supporting roles, but are funny and great additions to the story.


5. Jane the Virgin

-I was skeptical about this show. I mean, a pregnant virgin? Come on. However, I find myself laughing and indulging in the unbelievable plot line every week it’s on. I seriously enjoy this show. It’s funny, romantic and cute. It reminds me of a funnier version of Ugly Betty  in a way. It talks about some hard hitting topics like immigration, divorce, single/teenage parenting, religion, drugs and abstinence. Jane is a believable portrayal of a 23 year old female virgin. While her virginity is in tact, she still makes out/fools around with her fiance. I love that Jane can stick to her beliefs and morals and doesn’t back down, even when she could easily give in. For her, keeping her virginity is not for religious reasons, it’s because she wants to keep her promise to her grandmother. Even the Golden Globes recognized Gina Rodriguez for her performance in the show. It’s sappy but I still love it.


6. Wristcutters

I swear this will be the last suicide related movie, but this movie deserves some recognition!  Patrick Fugit and Shannyn Sossamon are a crazy duo that are stuck in a Hell-like limbo for people who commit suicide. While the movie can be a bit slow at times, the idea behind it is intriguing to say the least. I like the message it presents and it really is interesting. 


7. Saved!

-I can’t believe this movie is 11 years old. It totally holds up. While this movie portrays Christianity in a rather harsh light, I feel like Christians will still enjoy this movie… well possibly. If you offend easily and you are Christian, don’t watch this movie. However, if you’re not, this movie is fricken funny and is possibly Macaulay Culkin’s last performance before he started his whole druggie coma. The lovely Jena Malone and Patrick Fugit are endearing and so charming. I related this film so much, that I could’ve sworn my friends from high school wrote the screenplay. As an outsider at a Catholic school, this hit home hard. The end message is a positive one.


8. Six Feet Under

-I swear I’m not morbid, I just enjoy dark comedies. How has it been 10 years since their last episode!? This show was astonishing. Of course, I’m a bit biased when it comes to HBO shows. This show had my beloved Michael C. Hall (From Dexter) and Peter Krause (From Parenthood). The show is set in a funeral home, but the show mainly revolved around the family who lived in/ran the funeral home. I honestly think this was why Sia became such a big hit. Her song “Breathe Me”plays when the show ended. THIS IS THE BEST TV SHOW ENDING EVER! I would tell you to watch it simply because the ending will hit you so hard that you will cry uncontrollably for each character. Believe me.


9. The Following

-This is a fairly recent show, but I feel like it doesn’t get talked about a lot. I really didn’t credit Kevin Bacon for anything other than Footloose and having some amazing cameos in Will & Grace, but he’s a great actor! He’s had some really messed up roles as of late. In The Woodsman he played a pedophile and in The Following he is a detective that is investigating a serial killer who idolizes Edgar Allen Poe. It’s a very intense series, you will definitely be on edge and overcome with the gore that somehow is allowed on FX. You never know what will happen next!


10. Children of Men

-I will admit, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this movie until I was older, but I do like it now. I love post apocalyptic movies (Maybe I am a bit morbid) and the idea that humanity could be rendered infertile is not only possible but a really frightening topic. If you want a hard hitting drama that will keep you in suspense, watch this movie. Plus Clive Owen is a tremendous actor… and he’s good looking. Just saying.

What TV show or movie do you think is underrated?


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