My Favorite Top Ten Fictional Characters

If you’re a book or a movie/TV lover, your first love was most likely a fictional character. If a writer can make me love or sympathize with a character, I will usually read every book written by that author, in hopes that I love all of her characters. I watch a lot of movies/TV shows, and can I just say, TV has become amazing lately? Anyways, here are my top ten favorite fictional characters.

*Air on caution because there are some spoilers in each character description*


1.  Hank Moody from Californication 

-I will always have a soft spot for Hank Moody. I didn’t expect to like David Duchovny because I was terrified of the X-Files when I was younger, but Duchovny stole my heart in Californaication. I loooooveee this character. I am a big fan of loveable jerks or screwups if you will. Well, Hank is definitely a jerk at times, but he usually manages to keep his integrity and morals intact. I say usually because Hank is one of those characters you want to smack upside the head for screwing up his life ALL THE TIME. He’s rather relatable, and while he does get around-he never forgets or stops loving Karen (His baby mama, who’s practically his wife). While Californication probably should have stopped somewhere around season four, it’s still a favorite of mine. I watched the whole show on Netflix too long ago and fell in love with the show again.


2. Lester Burnham from American Beauty

-Those who know me know that I love American Beauty. It’s my favorite film because I’m a symbolism, dark comedy, new beginning lover. Also, Lester is somewhat of an underdog loveable jerk as well. You don’t want to root for the guy. He’s going after an underage girl, but somehow you can’t help but love every second of his journey of self discovery. He’s such an innovator and I admire how much he loved himself and wanted to live the life he always wanted towards the end. Yeah, he’s a bit of a creeper but he’s still a VERY weird hero of mine for taking charge of his life.


3. Hermoine Granger from The Harry Potter Series

-I love this fictional woman. I love Emma Watson too, but that’s besides the point. Hermoine was one of the first femal characters that I both identified with and wanted to be when I was older. JK Rowling gave her female readers an amazing role model that was relatable, smart, adventurous and capable of being a leader. I think Hermoine often is discredited with the success of Harrry Potter. I mean Beatrix Lestrange tortured the crap out of her and she still managed to come out alive and kicking. She’s the brains behind every operation. She’s quite the gal.


4. Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones

-I love Game of Thrones (GOT), in fact I just saw GOT in theatres and it was a lot of fun! I never expected to like GOT because I’m not the biggest fantasy or science fiction fan. I feel like Game of Thrones is enjoyable because the time you invest to each character. Tyrion, is no exception. While some may argue that he can be “too likeable” at times, he’s still an intense character that you want to save from all the madness that ensues from his existence. I mean his brother and sister are having an incestous relationship, his lover Shay was calling his dad her lion (My lion was Tyrion and Shay’s thing, not Tywin and Shay’s!) and you know the whole everybody hates him for poisoning Joffery thing and technically killing his mother by being born and being a little person is difficult and all…. Just a few things crowded his brain a bit. He could’ve been a pedofile and gone all gross on Sansa when they were married, but he didn’t. He didn’t stray from Shay and he continued to be an intelligent, loyal and incredibly witty guy. he’s a likeable dude, what can I say?


5. Jim Halpert from The Office

-While this character is kinda of hard to believe at times (As a 26 year old woman he seems a little too good to be true), he’s still a character I would like to know. Jim has this devotion to Pam Beesley that almost makes me want to only work in a corporate setting so I could find a Jim Halpert of my own….  Ok, not really, but I did say almost. He’s a prankster, a romantic and a good guy. He’s a pretty likeable dude too.

download (1)

6. Eddie from The Diary of a Crush Series

-Eddie is my spirit animal. I do understand where she’s coming from a lot of the time, but she’s also very girly girl and whiney in the book (Well I guess I can relate to being whiney as well at times). She follows her heart, and I can’t argue that I do that often. Sara Manning does a great job of evolving her character throughout the series

images (2)

7. Liz Lemon from 30 Rock

-Liz Lemon is pretty much amazing. She is a woman in a man’s world and she makes it work for her. She’s funny, smart, witty and she stands up for herself and other women. Plus, she’s played by Tina Fey, who’s a role model to me. I totally relate to her often perpetual journey of singledom and admire her classy ways.


8. Wes from The Truth About Forever

-While Wes is a completely unbelievable character (Because he’s hot, sweet and amazing in every way), he’s still an amazing one. Sarah Dessen sure knows how to tug at a girl’s heart strings. I really do love this character and I remember how much I swooned over this character in highschool. He was the perfect fictional guy to have a crush on.


9. Levi from Fangirl

-I love this character because he’s seems real to me. I mean this character has flaws, he’s fleshed out so well! He makes mistakes, he doesn’t always do the right thing even when he means to. He is a great depiction of what men are like. Sure, Levi is wonderful and likes the main character Cath, but he’s human he messes up just like Cath does. Rainbow Rowell does an excellent job of making this character seem life like and he’s truly relatable.

images (1)

10.  Mia Thermpolis from The Princess Diaries Series

-It’s odd to completely relate to a princess of a fictional country, but I do. Some people are big fans of the Princess Dairies movies, but I find that most people aren’t even aware that there is a book series. Well, there is and it’s compelling, comical and completely relatable. I’ve never identified with a fictional character like I have/used to with Mia Thermopolis. Through the books we are able to read her innermost feelings and sink into Mia’s life. Meg Cabot wrote a dynamic character that grows with each book in the series. I want Mia Thermopolis to be real so we cantalk about how Lana is such a brat and how Michael is a dream boat. I want to talk to her about writers block, and how she gets around to writing when she’s a princess 70% of the time. This series made me feel less lonely. I have reread this series at least 10 times easy. They’re so easy to read, but they leave you with a book hangover when you’re done. You have to finish the series once you have started the first book.

Who are your favorite fictional characters?


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