Why should you go to Beerfest?


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, it’s not Christmas or New Year’s Eve, and I’m definitely not referring to Valentine’s Day. It’s BEERFEST Season! Beerfest is one of my favorite Cincinnati events because it’s a mix of some of my favorite things. Friends and beer. It’s like my own little version of a friend Christmas. I decided to talk to one of my friends who’s much more knowledgeable about beer than I am. Beer connoisseur, Kory Roaden, is a self-declared beer snob. I honestly think my beer curiosity came from his extensive knowledge and his great taste in beer. Talking about beer wouldn’t be the same without well… beer! So Kory was kind enough to let me indulge in Belching Beaver Brewery’s Peanut Butter milk stout. I’m a huge peanut butter fan, and I tend to love a good stout so I was pumped!

I talked to Kory about his plans for this year’s Beerfest. This will be Kory’s fifth year and his plans tend to get more detailed each year. “Beerfest is only once a year and it’s where all the local breweries bring their A’ game,” Says Roaden. First of all, you have to get a VIP ticket, and if you want the “cheaper” price you need to buy your ticket before December 25th. While Beerfest is a two day long party, Friday is the day to go according to Kory. Why you may ask? If you go on a Friday you’re guaranteed that the breweries won’t run out of beer (Which has happened on Saturdays) and if you get a VIP ticket you can go early and try out the popular beer before the majority of the crowd. Each year Kory gets the beer list, goes through each brewery and beer and puts the list into an Excel spreadsheet and highlights the beers he’d like to try. While some might think that this is a somewhat daunting task, but I find it completely awesome and smart.

Beerfest is a gaggle of beer lovers, drunks and people who want to have fun. There’s a lot of people. A lot. If you like beer and want to take this event semi seriously, the list is the way to go! These breweries are bringing their top notch beers to the table. Some breweries, like MadTree, have beers on tap that only stay on tap for a limited amount of time. If you go to Beerfest you’ll get to try new beers you might not have experienced before, like Moerlein Lager House’s Handlebar or Revolution’s Deth’s Tar (Which Kory and I are super excited about).
Kory’s love of beer started five years ago. At first he only drank “Water like piss beers”, but then he tried a build your own six pack at a friend’s house, and it was like a whole new world! While there are many beers that Kory is pumped about he’s thrilled to sample Alesmith’s Speedway stout which he’s only tried by the bottle, but it of course will be available on draft for the event. Kory also pointed out that Quaff’s Brothers is serving a S’more of What which I am already drooling over.

As I have said, I’m no beer expert. Kory on the other hand brews his own beer! “A lot of brewers have a chemistry background,” said Kory. Brewing is extraordinarily more difficult than I ever imagined it to be. While Roaden has been brewing for four years, it is still a complicated process. He recommends that beginners should try the Northern Brewer kit (Kory now writes all grain recipes). “One of the best things about beer is the beer community,” Kory says. Kory may run into problems while brewing, but he learns something new every time and has a great group of friends that he can talk to and they can compare research. Roaden has made over thirty kinds of beers. From marshmallow fluff to salted caramel beer (Sounds delish!). “There are many things that go into making a great beer but what I find important is creativity.” Kory talks about how imagination is important in a beer. When you think outside of the box, the possibilities are endless.

When I asked Roaden what beginner beer lovers should do, Kory suggested that they should build their own six packs. Which you can do at Kroger (A local grocery store) or my personal favorite, Party Source (A local liquor and party store). Roaden also recommends that when you like a style of beer, you should find as many beers in that style as possible. Buy the beer you love, then explore!

On that note, if you like beer or are interested in trying new things, come to Beerfest! Watch out for my post this weekend and see what the fuss is all about.

Kory’s Top 4 Cincinnati Breweries
1) MadTree Brewing
2) Fifty West Brewing Company
3) Listermann Brewing/Triple Digit Brewing (they are the same brewery.)
4) Rhinegeist


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