Friday Favorites: Beer and Coffee Themed

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Hello everyone, today I’m trying a new post. I tend to try a lot of new things, mainly it’s coffee and beer, but hey I like what I like. I love coffee. However, I’m not as hardcore as some coffee fans because I don’t drink it black. I like my coffee with a little bit of sugar. That being said, I also like when my coffee has a lot of sugar and cream because it’s fricken delightful and it makes me insanely happy and hyper.

If you live in Northern Kentucky you are subjected usually to fast food chain coffee. I do drink fast food chain coffee, but I also really enjoy local coffee. My favorite Northern Kentucky coffee used to only be limited to Reality Tuesday. Reality Tuesday, is a coffee shop located in Parks Hills and is rather close to Notre Dame Academy. I love this place, and have bragged about them before, but I now have a new coffee place by my house and I’m beyond excited! Carabello Coffee is now my favorite coffee joint in the area. I of course will always have a soft spot for Reality Tuesday, but there’s something to be said about a coffee place that’s only a few minutes away from your home and gives you a caramel treat with your coffee.

Carabello Coffee (Picture is located at the top right) serves a myriad of drinks and cute candies. This place is adorable and it’s small enough to feel like your own little oasis. I believe that the drink I took a picture of was a white chocolate raspberry mocha, and it was impeccable. I might have eaten the caramel candy before I had a chance to take a picture of it, but I assure you of it’s yumminess as well. The staff was friendly and welcoming, and the space was decorated (The last time I went unfortunately was Valentine’s Day) and cozy. I highly recommend this coffee place for anyone in the area (See the menu in the picture below)


If you have read my past posts, you will know that I have a slight obsession with Coffee Emporium. Before Carabello, it was my favorite coffee joint. Now it’s my favorite coffee house in Cincinnati though. Coffee Emporium sells their coffee beans (See top left photo), and sells a variety of flavors. I have tried their pumpkin pie coffee, which I love and now I’m trying Mackinac Island Fudge. I’m a die-hard pumpkin fan, so I do love that kind a bit more than Mackinac Island Fudge, but the fudge coffee is great for an intense caffeine buzz. I mean that stuff is strong. If you need a pick me up in the morning, this is the coffee for you!

Also, last but not least. It wouldn’t be a real post without me bragging about a new beer I’ve tried. You’ve guessed it, it’s MadTree (Pictured below). I am in love with Rubus Cacao (Notice the raspberry pattern). It’s a little hard to find but it was my beer of choice at Beerfest. If you’re not a stout fan, or a lover of coffee, this might not be your cup of tea. However, if you love dessert beers or love raspberries, you must try this beer.


What are some of your local favorites?


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I'm a twenty something wannabee writer, who is trying to figure out this whole adulthood thing. In my free time, when I'm not writing, I enjoy beer and Netflix. Preferably together. I gravitate towards Cincinnati at night and live in the burbs during the day. On my blog you will find reviews, anecdotes, stories and the occasional rant.

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