The Ten Things I Do When I’m Upset

I know it’s not Top Ten Tuesday, but I’ve been needing to write this post for awhile now and this is the only day I had any sort of free time because I’ve been sick and busy at work. Stress is difficult, and when I stress out I become upset. Hopefully you can either sympathize with the post and know you’re not alone or at the very least get a kick out of the fact that your life isn’t this ridiculous.


I did take a quiz once that said I was like Monica from Friends. Makes sense.

1. I stress clean. I clean like there’s a mold invasion in my home and the only way to get it out is vacuuming and scrubbing like no other. I think I do think because it’s a control issue. If I can make my house clean, then I can take control of my life. Obviously this isn’t true, but it helps.

american beauty

2. I talk to myself and try to boost my confidence…. but mainly I’m just talking to myself. “Hey, this is happening now and it sucks, but there’s always coffee. Think about drinking some coffee. If you can do this today you can buy coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts and you will have deserved it.”

3. Vent. Oh I love to vent. Mainly I vent to my best friend, who uses me for venting at times, but I really will vent to anyone who will listen. I don’t have a vent filter, though I should.

4. I have this tendency to eat really bad junk food or I can’t eat at all. It depends on the situation. If I’m truly upset I won’t eat at all. I get an upset stomach and everything I eat just comes back to bite me. It really sucks because if I had the choice I’d be chowing down on Chinese food and ice cream for weeks.

kim kardashian

Hopefully it isn’t as ugly as the Kim Kardashian ugly cry.

5. I do the ugly cry. I tend to cry when I’m upset or really frustrated. I try to turn it off but once I reach a certain line the waterworks start rolling and I look like a complete mess. It’s not pretty,


Yep, this pretty much sums it up.

6. I play video games. This really helps my stress level. I play video games until my eyes start to burn and I yearn to go to sleep. I particularly like to play Star Wars Battlefront but anything will do really. Grand Theft Auto has been known to increase the rage but it can be cathartic.

7. I call someone and talk to them. Preferably in person. Depending on how upset I am I call different people. If I need a mood booster I might call one friend or if I feel like I’m in the pits of despair I’ll call a different friend. Yes, I do call different people depending on my mood sometimes. I know I’m weird.

8. I write about the situation. This sometimes helps and sometimes it makes it worse. I can either work out my problem on paper or I’ve at least put all of my thoughts down and collected them into one nice essay. This really could either work or not work for you. It usually works for me because like stress cleaning, I can resolve the mess and at least pretend it’s fixed for now.

9. I hug someone. Cuddling helps. If you feel comfortable you can cuddle with your friend, family member or significant other. There’s research on how cuddling can help. Or if you’re out of humans to cuddle with, pet a dog or cat.


Yell like you’re in “Garden State”.

10. Scream like it’s going out of style… like that phrase. I have done this, it does hurt. Be smart about yelling. You can strain your voice and that would suck but there is a sense of release once you finally yell like a banshee.


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I'm a twenty something wannabee writer, who is trying to figure out this whole adulthood thing. In my free time, when I'm not writing, I enjoy beer and Netflix. Preferably together. I gravitate towards Cincinnati at night and live in the burbs during the day. On my blog you will find reviews, anecdotes, stories and the occasional rant.

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  1. When I’m upset I eat, A LOT! I will go to the store and just buy a shit load of junk food and go to town. And drink a lot of wine. Food and wine are staples when I’m not in a good mood.

  2. When I’m upset I surround myself with things that please me or make me smile, all while reminding myself “Fuck it I’m fantastic, I’ll figure it out”

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