Top Ten Reasons Why Summering in NKY and Cincinnati is the Best!

Hey everybody! These are just some of the reasons why I love living so close to Cincinnati.


1.  The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden is one of the best zoos in the country. I recently went to the Tunes and Blooms event that is held on every Thursday in April. Tunes and Blooms allows everyone to enter the zoo free of charge. There’s also live music playing and other vendors giving away free items and teaching children how to do things like compost in your backyard and such. It’s great for kids, but be aware that the place is packed even more so than usual. The zoo in general though, is awesome. You can have a beer, eat a slice of Larosa’s pizza and take in the amazing view of both exotic animals and flowers.


2. You have to go to a Cincinnati Reds game at least once each year. Even if you hate baseball, the atmosphere is completely delightful. Beer, peanuts, junk food, a good view and some community comradery. Go to one baseball game. Have a beer (Which they have a lot of craft beer now, and cute places like Bootleggers) and relax. Just try it!


3. Party in the Park has been an event that happens on every Wednesday in the summer since 1976! It’s an excuse to celebrate hump day with a beer, some live music and some local food. It usually draws a big crowd and it provides a nice view of the river.

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4. I freak out when I know Taste of Cincinnati is just around the corner. This is basically a foodie’s paradise. I fricken love all of the different food, beer and entertainment (Yes, I do notice that I write a lot about beer, food and live music). It’s kind of incredible when you know that there’s no possible way you can eat something from every food vendor. It would be physically impossible, and that’s kind of beautiful. Good food, good entertainment and good company. If you go on a Friday or Saturday, you might not be able to move around if you’re short like me. If you don’t mind crowds, then I’d highly recommend it!


5. This park is little… I know, I know, I’m not that punny. Yes, you can pretend slap me over the computer now. I swear no more puns… probably. I passed Lytle Park on the way to Reds game one day and I just had to stop and take a picture. It looks gorgeous. While my allergies hate spring/summer, I can’t help but admire the scenery.


6. Schneider’s Sweet Shop sells these magnificant treats called Ice Balls on day after Easter. I look forward to this ever Easter. I know that summer isn’t too far away if I can get a Tiger’s Blood snow cone filled with vanilla ice cream from Schneider’s. It’s amazing. I know what you’re going to say. Ice cream and a snow cone? Trust me, you will like it.


7. I went to the drag strip in Cleves, Ohio (This event is comically referred to as Friday Night Lightz) a weekend or two ago with my boyfriend and a few of his friends. It was fun! I mean watching cars race each other, being with friends, drinking beer and being outside, what more could you ask for? I definitely wouldn’t have gone there on my own (Since I had no idea it existed), but I really did like learning about the different cars and trying to figure out which car would beat out the other. It was something new and different and I would definitely go back.

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8. I stopped by 21 C Museum Hotel Cincinnati for the first time and had a great time on their roof! The view was killer and the alcohol (While a bit pricey for this girl the popsicle with alcohol was a nice touch) was tasty. Honestly this is why you want to be in Cincinnati. Partying on a roof overlooking the city? It’s bound to be a good time.

9. I love roller coasters. I get a little more shaken from them than I used to, but I still enjoy the thrill of a good loop or hill. Diamondback and The Banshee are easily the best rides (In my opinion) to go on, but there are lots of fun coasters and if you don’t like their blueberry ice cream, than I cannot count you as a friend.Seriously, what’s wrong with you?

10. This hasn’t happened yet, but I’m beyond thrilled about it anyway. They’re having a Beerfest at Washington Park! I’ve been to the Fountain Square one, and I wasn’t as impressed but I am beyond happy with their location this year. Anything at Washington Park is fun but this is beyond amazing!


Honorable Mention: Most of the time Bunbury Music Festival is pretty cool, this year was decent. I liked the 2013 year the best but don’t worry I’m writing that post this week!


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I'm a twenty something wannabee writer, who is trying to figure out this whole adulthood thing. In my free time, when I'm not writing, I enjoy beer and Netflix. Preferably together. I gravitate towards Cincinnati at night and live in the burbs during the day. On my blog you will find reviews, anecdotes, stories and the occasional rant.

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  1. Everything looks awesome. I’ve only been to Ohio once and I was just in Cleveland. I did drive through Cincinnati on my way to Kentucky and looked really cool. This post is making me want to take another road trip sometime soon!

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