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Red River Gorge in Stanton, Kentucky

Hey everyone! I had a weekend trip not too long ago to Red River Gorge, also known as The Gorge to most Kentuckians and Cincinnatians. Now, most who have heard of The Gorge, have unfortunately only heard about the accidents that happen there. Here’s the thing, if you go through safe trails, if you’re not drinking and if you’re not wandering around in the dark where you’ve camped by cliffs-you’re fine. If you’re not an expert climber, you might want to avoid difficult trails or doing anything tricky and have friends go with you, if you’re experienced I would still say HAVE A BUDDY to go with you. Accidents happen and while it can be dangerous if you’re cocky or lack caution, if you want to hike and see how beautiful nature can be, go to The Gorge. Enough of my ranting. Here’s some pictures!

Also, one of our friends created an IPA beer taste. Most, if not all, of the beers were local! We found out that it was hard to differentiate when all of the beers were IPA’s and we might switch it up on the type of beer next time but it was a lot of fun!

We had a blast, despite my asthma was giving me a hard time and I began to resemble a tomato more and more as the day went on, but it was amazing! We also went to breakfast at this adorable restaurant (See the pictures below) and had a feast of wonderful food. Overall it was an amazing weekend vacation to say the least!


Those who can’t eat healthy… climb!


I have always had a problem with eating healthy and exercising. I hate doing both. Sure, I would go to the gym occasionally and I do tend to eat a lot of veggies and fruits, but I still would eat a lot of fast food and the gym thing was never a regular affair. Well… I found something I’m kind of in love with. Climbing!

Climbing is technically called bouldering. You don’t use ropes, you only have your hands and feet to balance on. I typically go to a place called Climb Time in Blue Ash, Ohio. Climb Time, does a great job of challenging anywhere from advanced to beginner climbers. The people who work there are extremely friendly and willing to help. They do offer top rope climbing, but for the most part people choose to use their hands and their trusty mat. Believe me, I definitely need a mat.

This is the only form of exercise I’ve ever liked doing. I enjoy going to Climb Time up to three times a week (I would do more but your hands get raw after awhile). Be aware, this activity is not for those who are afraid of heights or those who want long fingernails and beautiful hands. You will get callouses and you will fall. Also you will get bruises from time to time, but it’s so much fun! It’s like climbing a tree when you’re a kid, except this time you have to be much more method and it’s more socially acceptable.

On the picture to my left you will see black tape lines, I believe this wall is about 10 feet off the ground. The black tape represents an easy course, the red would be a harder and different course, each color tape means something different (This was my first day climbing). So the two lowest black tape lines are where you would put your feet, and the arrow looking black tape that’s underneath the tan looking rock is where you’d put your hands, from there you climb using only the black line rocks for your hands and feet. I know that might sound complicated, but once you start you’ll feel compelled to keep going. If you’re a competitive person (Which I tend to be), it’s easy to push yourself to keep climbing through the pain so you can reach the top (Which is the white rock at the top with black tape lines underneath it).

The picture to the right is an intense bouldering wall. If I would get I would say it’s about 16 feet off the ground? I did the black tape path once, but I believe I might have cheated a bit. It’s scary once you’re up there, but disciplining yourself into only using certain foot and hand holds make the exercise that more critical in your work out and your technique.

What’s a type of exercise do you enjoy doing?

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