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The Top Ten Things I Think About Before I Fall Asleep


Gotta love Fry from Futurama

I find myself constantly scaring myself before I go to sleep. It could be anything really. It could be about my job, my family, work, ghosts, etc. I tend to do this only when I’m on the brink of dreaming and sleeping as well.

1.One time I just HEARD about the plot of It Follows, and was terrified for two nights.

2. Did I lock my doors? I know I did. I’m almost positive I did, but I’m going to check them anyway.

3. Did I send that email? Did I remember to finish that proposal? This always happens. I still have nightmares about a previous job, high school and college. Luckily, no more I’m naked and I don’t know why because I’m in public dreams. Yayyyy!

4. How many hours sleep will I get if I start sleeping now? What about now? Now? This is why I have stopped having a visible alarm clock.

5. Do I have time to get good coffee in the morning? I always have elaborate plans at night….they usually don’t pan out.

6. I should work out in the morning. I need to work out more.

7. Do spiders really crawl into our mouths while we’re sleeping? I heard that’s a myth but… do they?

8. Every embarrassing or cringe worthy moment I’ve ever had just hit me. Crap.

9. Why am I not tired? Think of boring things. Think of boring things. Ooooh what if I got a puppy? That’d be awesome. Damn. That’s not boring.

10. I usually think of a really interesting story or song idea right as I’m about to sleep. Then I debate on writing it down but usually opt for I’ll remember in the morning, which  I never do. Sigh.

What do you think about before you go to sleep?


Coffee Please and Stone Bowl

Tis the season to try new food and new coffee! Since I started working in Ohio again, I’ve been introduced to new food and coffee shops and I couldn’t be happier. I love trying new places to eat and drink in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area, so please suggest new places for me!

The pictures above were taken at Stone Bowl Ramen in Oakley, Ohio. I almost missed finding this place at first, it’s quite small but there is a large neon sign, so that helps. Unfortunately, sushi wasn’t available that day, but I did get to try chicken ramen. The nice thing about Stone Bowl, is that a lot of their food is “healthyish”. For example, I got the ramen (First picture on the left closest to the camera). It’s a MSG free stock broth, and the majority of the  food items involve vegetables and there’s hardly any fried food options. However, I did of course get the pan fried dumplings, which is probably the least health conscious item on the menu. My friend got the beef stone bowl bibimbap (Pictured right).

We both thoroughly enjoyed our meals, the service was great and I liked the atmosphere. Overall, I don’t know if I would go with the ramen again because I bet it’s better spicy, but my taste buds can’t handle it. My ramen was a bit plain as a result, but it was nice having something hot and more filling than soup. I did like trying something new, and I would love to try the bibimbap, their version of chicken fried rice or their chicken kastu the next time I go.

I recently received a cup of coffee from a coworker from this marvelous place called, Coffee Please about two months ago (Coffee Please is close to the Indian Hill area and is off Miami Avenue). All this time I have not been to the coffee house personally, but I graciously accepted their coffee from my coworker once a week. I was entirely too curious about this wonderful place that served coffee drinks with almond milk (I’m lactose intolerant so this helps) and they have a variety of coffee options to choose from. When I went there this morning I was pleasently surprised that they had a menagerie of coffee beans that I could take home and brew myself. Sadly, I limited myself from buying anything more than a cup of coffee since I have three bags of coffee at home. There were so many flavors, and the place reminded me of a slightly smaller version of Coffee Emporium. Everything was adorable, tasty and wonderful. I’d highly recommend the white chocolate almond latte. It’s divine!

The Top 10 Unattainable Things I Want For Christmas


Hey everyone, so this is a rather dysfunctional/unattainable list of things I want for Christmas. I realized that when you’re an adult your wants and needs change a bit; hope this makes you smile!

  1. I want a dog. I know what you’re thinking, isn’t that possible? Nope. I wouldn’t be home enough with the dog and vet bills and food are outrageously expensive.
  2. I really want someone to do yard work for me in the summer. You know that ugly rug that’s on my outdoor steps? Yeah, can you get rid of that and make it look less disgusting? Thanks! Would you like to plant the flowers that make my home look less lame? Awesome.
  3. I really want a three week trip to Italy and then Spain and London so I can visit my bestie. Get on that.
  4. An unreasonable amount of coffee, while we’re at it can it just somehow replenish itself automatically.
  5. Ditto on some craft beer, preferably Rubus Cacao from MadTree.
  6. Less anxiety. Yeah that’s be great. Could I just cut that personality trait out of my life. It’s be awesome to not have a mini freakout once a day… or at least  could I not freak out AS much.
  7. I don’t want anybody to tell me to jazz it up or put my creative juices into something I’m doing. Whether it’s decorating or creating a fluer. One, juice sounds gross unless you’re talking about fruit (Still gross if it’s vegetable). Two, jazz isn’t all that funky. It’s mainstream…. kind of.
  8. I really want to watch Christmas movies but I only want the parts I like. So I want a basic cutout of each of the movies I want to see to be apart of one long montage. Yep.
  9. I want to be able to sleep when I want to sleep. Like an on and off switch. I keep falling asleep at parties and it’s starting to become a problem.
  10. Lastly I want all of my family and friends to be happy. I want this more than anything. This has been a really good year for me for multiple reasons, but I know that’s just how I feel. I want everyone I love to be healthy, happy and singing some She and Him Christmas songs. A girl can dream!

    What unattainable things do you want for Christmas?

Things I take seriously…maybe too seriously


  1. Coffee (Duh)
  2. Sleep. I’m atrocious to be around in the morning, I’m a night owl.
  3. Food. I could possibly live on pad Thai and sushi.
  4. TV, books and movies even the bad ones (Sometimes watching a terrible movie boosts your self esteem and makes you laugh)
  5. Hockey. I hate violence… unless it’s in hockey.
  6. Coffee (I’m obsessed. It deserves two spots)
  7. Zooey Deschanel’s career (Except Yes Man and The Happening, we don’t talk about them)
  8. My sincere hatred of Algebra
  9. Alcohol. I don’t discriminate I love all types.
  10. Tumblr. That site still blows my mind.

Beer and Sushi

Hello everybody! I know that I typically write about beer, and usually it involves Cincinnati beer, well this time I’m writing about a brewery that’s located in Covington, Kentucky!

20150613_200749 20150616_182923 20150616_182957 20150616_184148

This weekend I went to the Braxton Brewery and I was pleasantly surprised with some quite delicious beer. Granted, I only liked two beers on the list (I’m not a big IPA fan) but I really didn’t enjoy their Dead Blow, which is their tropical stout. I bought a growler of it a few days later and was a little disappointed because the version I had was run through their starter coffee, but the lady working there told me that the beer would be rather bitter if the growler contained the coffee they put it through. If you didn’t know already, or if you are new to this blog, there are three things that I cannot resist. Coffee, beer and sushi. So this was a wonderful weekend for me! I am in love with this beer. It was absolutely delicious. As pictured above, I did actually get a flight of beer so I could try the majority of their beers. Wow, only six bucks for a flight? That’s pretty awesome! I did end up liking their Storm beer as well, which is a golden cream ale (No I don’t know what golden cream ale means but it was tasty!), and it was rather charming. While I do love craft beer I will settle for a Blue Moon any day of the week. It’s the only beer that’s more commercialized that doesn’t taste like beer water to me. The Storm beer reminded me of a Blue Moon but it didn’t have that strong citrus flavor that Blue Moon has.

20150613_222349 20150613_22542520150613_222914
After we went to Braxton, we headed down to Wabi Sabi, which is a sushi restaurant In Covington as well. If you like Cloud 9 or Ichiban Sushi (Located in Mt. Lookout in Ohio) then you’ll love this place. This restaurant is located on Madison Avenue and is now my go to sushi place in Northern Kentucky! While I really love Miyako, it’s kind of expensive to eat there unless you’re there on a Tuesday when it’s half price. Well Wabi Sabi follows the Ichiban and Cloud 9 menality by always having “half off” sushi. If you like authentic sushi, this probably isn’t the place for you, go to Jo An’s which is in Erlanger, Kentucky. I oddly enough, like the “fake” kind of sushi, the real stuff wasn’t my favorite. So try both places and see what works best for you. My favorite rolls at any sushi place are the shrimp tempura rolls, but try the shrimp crunch roll if you’re at Cloud 9!

What are your favorite places to drink beer or eat sushi?

The Top Ten Things That Make Me Insanely Happy

Hey everyone, it’s Top Ten Tuesday! Since I’ve had all this anxiety stuff going on I decided I should focus on the good things in my life and focus on what makes me happy.


1. Food. I love food, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I plan my day around what meal I’m going to have next, and I get excited by it. Genuinely. Am I going to have hibatchi for lunch today? Well today is going to be fabulous then. I’m going to Bunbury Music Festival this weekend and all I can think about is the fact that I can have Eli’s Barbecue everyday while watching amazing music…. I swear I care about the music too.

2. Coffee. As I’ve said before, I am a coffee addict. I love coffee, and I think coffee loves me too. We have a beautiful relationship, don’t judge.

3. Traveling. I get so excited for the smallest of trips. I’m planning on going to Chicago and Washington D.C. this summer and I’m beyond pumped. I’ve never been to D.C. and cannot wait to check it out! I’m hoping to go to Europe next year to visit my best friend while he’s teaching in Spain… is this possible? Maybe. I’m going to try and make it there because I miss going outside the country and visiting somewhere new. Plus, I think I’ll miss him too much and need a fix before he comes home.

4. People. My family, my boyfriend and my friends can make my day better in an instant. I’m one of those people who usually feels better when they’re around people. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy curling up with some wine and a good book at my house, but I also need to be around people to really recharge sometimes. Some of my happiest moments in life are being with people I care about.

5. Singing. I sing all the time. Even when I talk I tend to do the Zooey Deschanel singing random words thing she does in New Girl. It’s something that I’m not the absolute best at, but it does make me forget about my problems. Plus, when you actually hit that note you didn’t think you could hit, you feel like a star…. Yes I did watch too much Glee in the early seasons.

6. Writing. If I write a line I really like or I have a killer idea, I can accept that and feel proud of myself. Granted, it doesn’t happen often but it’s nice when it does.

7. Music, film, books or plays-the arts really. I can’t play an instrument, I can’t act all that well and I definitely cannot draw. So seeing someone else doing these amazing things makes me jealous in the best possible way. I love creative people and I’m amazed by art everyday. There’s so many things worth looking at out there.

8. The beach. I’ve been to the beach before but when I do get to see the ocean I act like a kid again. I went to Destin, Florida last year with my best friend and I reverted immediately back to when I was eight and use to play in the water. I hope to go back to the beach or at least to a lake here soon!

9. Summer. There’s something so hopeful about warm weather to me. I think it’s because I associate warm weather with happiness because I use to have the summer to myself. Every kid looks forward to summer break, and I still let the weather influence my mood.

10. Learning something new. I completely admit that I don’t know everything… not even close. So when I figure out how to do something new, I am floored. From time to time I impress myself by learning something I never thought I’d get the hang of.

What makes you insanely happy?

The Ten Things I Do When I’m Upset

I know it’s not Top Ten Tuesday, but I’ve been needing to write this post for awhile now and this is the only day I had any sort of free time because I’ve been sick and busy at work. Stress is difficult, and when I stress out I become upset. Hopefully you can either sympathize with the post and know you’re not alone or at the very least get a kick out of the fact that your life isn’t this ridiculous.


I did take a quiz once that said I was like Monica from Friends. Makes sense.

1. I stress clean. I clean like there’s a mold invasion in my home and the only way to get it out is vacuuming and scrubbing like no other. I think I do think because it’s a control issue. If I can make my house clean, then I can take control of my life. Obviously this isn’t true, but it helps.

american beauty

2. I talk to myself and try to boost my confidence…. but mainly I’m just talking to myself. “Hey, this is happening now and it sucks, but there’s always coffee. Think about drinking some coffee. If you can do this today you can buy coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts and you will have deserved it.”

3. Vent. Oh I love to vent. Mainly I vent to my best friend, who uses me for venting at times, but I really will vent to anyone who will listen. I don’t have a vent filter, though I should.

4. I have this tendency to eat really bad junk food or I can’t eat at all. It depends on the situation. If I’m truly upset I won’t eat at all. I get an upset stomach and everything I eat just comes back to bite me. It really sucks because if I had the choice I’d be chowing down on Chinese food and ice cream for weeks.

kim kardashian

Hopefully it isn’t as ugly as the Kim Kardashian ugly cry.

5. I do the ugly cry. I tend to cry when I’m upset or really frustrated. I try to turn it off but once I reach a certain line the waterworks start rolling and I look like a complete mess. It’s not pretty,


Yep, this pretty much sums it up.

6. I play video games. This really helps my stress level. I play video games until my eyes start to burn and I yearn to go to sleep. I particularly like to play Star Wars Battlefront but anything will do really. Grand Theft Auto has been known to increase the rage but it can be cathartic.

7. I call someone and talk to them. Preferably in person. Depending on how upset I am I call different people. If I need a mood booster I might call one friend or if I feel like I’m in the pits of despair I’ll call a different friend. Yes, I do call different people depending on my mood sometimes. I know I’m weird.

8. I write about the situation. This sometimes helps and sometimes it makes it worse. I can either work out my problem on paper or I’ve at least put all of my thoughts down and collected them into one nice essay. This really could either work or not work for you. It usually works for me because like stress cleaning, I can resolve the mess and at least pretend it’s fixed for now.

9. I hug someone. Cuddling helps. If you feel comfortable you can cuddle with your friend, family member or significant other. There’s research on how cuddling can help. Or if you’re out of humans to cuddle with, pet a dog or cat.


Yell like you’re in “Garden State”.

10. Scream like it’s going out of style… like that phrase. I have done this, it does hurt. Be smart about yelling. You can strain your voice and that would suck but there is a sense of release once you finally yell like a banshee.

Brunch It Up! Throwback Thursday Edition

I have a confession to make. I love brunch. I have been meaning to mention these brunch spots for awhile now. I love going to brunch on the weekends. At times, it can be the highlight of my weekend. Sad, but true haha. Here are some of my favorite brunch spots in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.

IMAG1515 (1) IMAG1516 (1) IMAG1514 (1)

Mokka and the Sunset Bar & Grill (Decent Prices)
This particular restaurant is in Newport, Kentucky and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, if you’re going on the weekends be prepared for a long wait. This tends to be a place I frequent often since I live rather close and the food is often spectacular. I don’t particularly like their regular coffee there but I do enjoy getting their mochaccinos. Again, this place is always packed for brunch. Get there early! On the left my friend got the breakfast quesadilla, which he enjoyed and I ALWAYS get the Mokka French Toast. The Mokka French Toast breakfast comes with a choice of meat, potatoes and french toast with creme brulee on the top. It’s sooooo good! The only problem I have with this place is that it does take forever to get a meal sometimes.

IMAG1433 IMAG1432 IMAG1431 IMAG1435

The Echo Restaurant (Very Decent Prices)
Ok, so Mokka’s can be a long wait, but this restaurant had people waiting outside the door! This Hyde Park, Ohio restaurant was definitely worth the wait though, and the line did go rather fast. Echo is only open for breakfast and lunch but it’s probably because there are so many people everyday that if they opened for dinner they might explode. I was there during fall (See this post is from awhile ago) and I got the salted caramel apple french toast. I was in heaven. If I could describe a food heaven, this food would definitely be there. The coffee is delicious and the menu changes all the time! So depending on the season you can get certain menu items. I loovvvee this place. I have sort of forgotten what my friend got but we were both beyond happy.

IMAG0866 IMAG0863 IMAG0862 IMAG0861 IMAG0859 IMAG0858 IMAG0857 IMAG0855 IMAG0851 IMAG0849

Incline Public House (A Little Pricey)

Be prepared to wait at this restaurant too, I’m starting to see a pattern. The Incline House is located in Price Hill, Ohio.The views are incredible, I can’t wait to go there in the summer. I’ve been here for Father’s Day last year and it was slammed. So be prepared to go as soon as they’re open (Which they are for breakfast, lunch and dinner). I got the mimosa with strawberry puree and my friend got the ultimate bloody Mary. We both made excellent choices and we’re quite content since we both were quite hungover. I had the Banana Foster’s French Toast had The Hangover Cure. Both were delicious. While the brunch was a little more expensive since we had the much needed pick me up drink, it was still delightful. I can’t wait to go there for dinner.

What are some of your favorite places to brunch?

Friday Favorites: Beer and Coffee Themed

IMAG1542 IMAG1505
Hello everyone, today I’m trying a new post. I tend to try a lot of new things, mainly it’s coffee and beer, but hey I like what I like. I love coffee. However, I’m not as hardcore as some coffee fans because I don’t drink it black. I like my coffee with a little bit of sugar. That being said, I also like when my coffee has a lot of sugar and cream because it’s fricken delightful and it makes me insanely happy and hyper.

If you live in Northern Kentucky you are subjected usually to fast food chain coffee. I do drink fast food chain coffee, but I also really enjoy local coffee. My favorite Northern Kentucky coffee used to only be limited to Reality Tuesday. Reality Tuesday, is a coffee shop located in Parks Hills and is rather close to Notre Dame Academy. I love this place, and have bragged about them before, but I now have a new coffee place by my house and I’m beyond excited! Carabello Coffee is now my favorite coffee joint in the area. I of course will always have a soft spot for Reality Tuesday, but there’s something to be said about a coffee place that’s only a few minutes away from your home and gives you a caramel treat with your coffee.

Carabello Coffee (Picture is located at the top right) serves a myriad of drinks and cute candies. This place is adorable and it’s small enough to feel like your own little oasis. I believe that the drink I took a picture of was a white chocolate raspberry mocha, and it was impeccable. I might have eaten the caramel candy before I had a chance to take a picture of it, but I assure you of it’s yumminess as well. The staff was friendly and welcoming, and the space was decorated (The last time I went unfortunately was Valentine’s Day) and cozy. I highly recommend this coffee place for anyone in the area (See the menu in the picture below)


If you have read my past posts, you will know that I have a slight obsession with Coffee Emporium. Before Carabello, it was my favorite coffee joint. Now it’s my favorite coffee house in Cincinnati though. Coffee Emporium sells their coffee beans (See top left photo), and sells a variety of flavors. I have tried their pumpkin pie coffee, which I love and now I’m trying Mackinac Island Fudge. I’m a die-hard pumpkin fan, so I do love that kind a bit more than Mackinac Island Fudge, but the fudge coffee is great for an intense caffeine buzz. I mean that stuff is strong. If you need a pick me up in the morning, this is the coffee for you!

Also, last but not least. It wouldn’t be a real post without me bragging about a new beer I’ve tried. You’ve guessed it, it’s MadTree (Pictured below). I am in love with Rubus Cacao (Notice the raspberry pattern). It’s a little hard to find but it was my beer of choice at Beerfest. If you’re not a stout fan, or a lover of coffee, this might not be your cup of tea. However, if you love dessert beers or love raspberries, you must try this beer.


What are some of your local favorites?

Top Ten Ways To Cure A Bad Day

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 3.01.32 PM

Having two jobs can be really stressful, and sometimes I can’t handle the busy crazy cycle that is life and need to pull myself together. Here are a few things I do when I’m having a crappy day:

1. Treat Yo Self! I’m not saying this is a once a week or even a once a month thing, buying something nice when you’re upset is oddly rewarding. Are you feeling gross and insecure? Buy yourself a dress/suit that makes you feel attractive. Did someone upset you? Buy that video game that you’ve wanted for weeks and rage out on some storm troopers in Star Wars Battlefront. Treat Yo Self!

2. Eat a cookie or grab a coffee. Need to get through the bad day you’re having? Eat/drink something with some caffeine. I find myself looking forward to meals when I’m trying to power through a day. However, if you feast on candy and drink a vente caramel macchiatto you might find yourself crashing in a few hours. I know from lots of experience.

3. Have a glass of wine or drink a beer. When you finally get home get yourself a glass of alcohol and put on your pj’s and snuggle in bed and watch Netflix. It helps you relax and it’s like having dessert.

4. Exercise. I hate this answer, but it will take your mind off of whatever is going on around you. Beat that punching bag and pump up the adrenaline! While getting their sucks, the feeling afterwards is satisfying.

5. Listen to your favorite songs over and over again. I like Spotify but Pandora and YouTube can help your gripes and pains. I find that fast dance music makes me feel happier but indulging in sad music can let you commiserate in peace if need be.

6. Write, sing, play your favorite sport-take a hobby and throw yourself into it. I write to make the anger subside. If you write it down on paper you have less stress inside yourself and your voicing your problems healthily and cathartically.

7. Have a good cry. Sometimes crying is the best think you can do for yourself. In Everybody Loves Raymond Debra sometimes takes a day to cry alone. I totally get that. Crying is healthy… according to WebMD.

8. For some people it’s babies, for me it’s animals. I find a puppy, a cat, my niece or nephew (Those babies don’t count, they can always make me smile).

9. Smile. Believe it or not forcing yourself to smile will make you happier. It’s weird, but it does help.

10. My favorite and most used method? Calling a friend or a family member. Works everytime. They’re there for you and will make your day better.

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