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Puppy Mania!

Murphy Brown (the dog) has been a grand addition to my life. While she can be a little crazy at times, my boyfriend and I can’t imagine our lives without her.

This post is about the multiple events and places I’ve been apart of since Murphy has come into our lives. I love to keep her active because that gives me some down time and it gives her some much needed exercise. I often take her to dog parks. While I do feel uneasy about taking her, since people have warned me against aggressive dogs and diseases. However, I try to be as cautious as possible. Murphy is up to date on all of her shots, if any dog seems hostile towards her, I immediately scoop her up and take her away from the situation.
Murphy loves to run and while I can watch her gleefully for a few minutes, I can become bored easily. Hence why I love Washington Park in Over the Rhine. I go to Cincinnati quite often since I live so close, but Washington Park is great for dog lovers who have owners who are also beer lovers. Yappy Hour, as shown above, is one of my favorite events downtown. At Yappy Hour, dogs are provided with treats and free food while their owners can enjoy a cocktail.I like taking her there, picking up a beer and then heading towards the dog park section. Personally, I haven’t had a problem with aggressive dogs, but Murphy tends to be an instigator so that doesn’t exactly help matters. I believe Yappy Hour occurs every Thursday night in the summer.

Another event I went to was Paws and Pints at Listermann Brewing Company (As seen above). This event was adorable. There were paw print cookies, free samples of dog food, party hats and lots of happy friendly dogs. This also gave this happy owner a chance to drink some great beer while socializing Murphy. The event was held to celebrate national dog day and it was definitely a hoot!


Also, here’s a random tidbit from me learning the hard way. It sounds silly but these dog wipes are amazing for getting out bathroom stains that your pet leaves. They’re cheap and effective and they’re great if your bringing your pup to a new place that involves carpeting!

Favorite dog parks in Cincinnati: A tie between Washington Park (But you have to pay for parking usually) or Otto Armleder Dog Park (Free parking and lots of room for dogs to play)

Favorite dog park in Northern Kentucky: Highland Hills Dog Park




The 10 Similarities Of Being A Parent Or A Puppy Parent

Hey everyone! I really wanted to write this entry but I swear I’ll write the NYC one soon. I have been commiserating with my sisters on the good, the bad and the ugly parts of having a “child”. Check out my post last week if you want a back story of how I got my puppy Murphy Brown and why. Please let me disclose that I think being an actual parent is MUCH harder then being a pet owner, but there are some hilarious similarities.


1. You don’t sleep the same way you used to. As in, you don’t get much sleep at all. You’re either worried their uncomfortable, they have peed/pooped themselves so much that they woke up, they’re crying or they think 2 am is play time. I have a new routine where my dog does (FINALLY) sleep through the night, but she will get up at 5:45 am and want to play.

2. You worried about their level of comfort more than your own. Sometimes it’s because you want them to sleep and you don’t want ANYTHING interrupting their nap time, but most of the time you feel guilty for moving or breathing. Hence, you sleep and sit in awkward positions to appease your “child”.

3. You want your “child” to have friends but you’re also worried about their friends. Your internal thoughts run as so, “Aw, look they’re so cute when they’re playing. That doesn’t look like a very nice girl, she’s a lot taller, what if she bites her?! I will kick that girl’s butt if she even touches my baby!”

4. There’s an awful moment where they have had an accident (They’ve spilled, broke or chewed on something you didn’t want them to) but you’re in the middle of something, and you can’t decide what to do first.

5. Basically it’s a lot of prioritizing. Is work more important? Are friends more important? Is staying out another hour more important? Answer to all, nope.

6. When you are out and trying to enjoy yourself without your “child” you can’t help but worry about them and want to check in constantly. I’m guilty of this already.

7. You feel like you’re slowly turning into your parents. “We’ve talked about this! I told you not to do that!” You find yourself also using words you would never use in adult life, like using the word potty and calling yourself mommy or daddy.

8. If you have a significant other you will find yourself obsessed with asking them about your “child’s” bathroom habits. “Did she pee or poop? Did it look ok? Was there a lot of poop?” Sooooo much poop.

9. Instead of buying things for yourself you end up spoiling your “child” constantly. There’s always another toy that they have to have.

10. However, most importantly, you notice how full your life is with them in it. You feel fulfilled when they’re around. You’re happier and are constantly sad and happy by the fact that they grow so fast.




A New Addition

Hey everyone! So I recently went on a trip to New York and I went hiking at the Gorge in Kentucky, but I am going to leave that for the next posts. This post, will be another short and sweet one. Very sweet. I have always wanted a puppy. A dog that was my very own, that I picked out and that I took care of. I tried this initially when I was in the seventh grade when my mom finally caved and allowed me to pick out a puppy. While I loved my Shih Tzu, Molly,  I shirked my puppy watching duties only after a month or two of having her. I let my mom take care of her and only took charge of playing with Molly or taking her on the occasional walk. When Molly passed I was heart broken. Ever since then, I have been wanting a dog that I could really say was MY dog.

When I moved out and bought my house I told myself, this was it. I could get a dog. I immediately realized that with bills, a full time job and a somewhat carefree lifestyle (Going out to bars on weekends then sleeping in late) that this wasn’t fair to a dog. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that those things (While they are fun) are not my priority anymore. I also am now able to bring a dog into work as well, so it was an added incentive.


I’m happy to report that my boyfriend and I have rescued a dog and named her, Murphy Brown. Yes, we do love the late 80’s/90’s. She is a Boxer/Terrier mix and she’s a handful, but we love her. We rescued her from Animal Friends Human Society a couple weeks ago, and we have been training and loving this pup ever since. I can not express how amazing rescuing a dog is. I know that rescuing an animal gets talked about a lot and how you’re saving an animal and such; but quite honestly it’s the smart option. Murphy came spayed, up to date on her shots, she’s microchipped, we got a free month of pet health insurance, a  bag of kibble and a vet check up. That’s smart people. Pets are RIDICULOUSLY expensive. This is the somewhat cheaper and smarter route. Plus their foster homes usually know of the pet’s demeanor and they can let you know what their personality is like from the get go. We love our puppy, despite the lack of sleep and the now somewhat hectic household. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Top 10 Unattainable Things I Want For Christmas


Hey everyone, so this is a rather dysfunctional/unattainable list of things I want for Christmas. I realized that when you’re an adult your wants and needs change a bit; hope this makes you smile!

  1. I want a dog. I know what you’re thinking, isn’t that possible? Nope. I wouldn’t be home enough with the dog and vet bills and food are outrageously expensive.
  2. I really want someone to do yard work for me in the summer. You know that ugly rug that’s on my outdoor steps? Yeah, can you get rid of that and make it look less disgusting? Thanks! Would you like to plant the flowers that make my home look less lame? Awesome.
  3. I really want a three week trip to Italy and then Spain and London so I can visit my bestie. Get on that.
  4. An unreasonable amount of coffee, while we’re at it can it just somehow replenish itself automatically.
  5. Ditto on some craft beer, preferably Rubus Cacao from MadTree.
  6. Less anxiety. Yeah that’s be great. Could I just cut that personality trait out of my life. It’s be awesome to not have a mini freakout once a day… or at least  could I not freak out AS much.
  7. I don’t want anybody to tell me to jazz it up or put my creative juices into something I’m doing. Whether it’s decorating or creating a fluer. One, juice sounds gross unless you’re talking about fruit (Still gross if it’s vegetable). Two, jazz isn’t all that funky. It’s mainstream…. kind of.
  8. I really want to watch Christmas movies but I only want the parts I like. So I want a basic cutout of each of the movies I want to see to be apart of one long montage. Yep.
  9. I want to be able to sleep when I want to sleep. Like an on and off switch. I keep falling asleep at parties and it’s starting to become a problem.
  10. Lastly I want all of my family and friends to be happy. I want this more than anything. This has been a really good year for me for multiple reasons, but I know that’s just how I feel. I want everyone I love to be healthy, happy and singing some She and Him Christmas songs. A girl can dream!

    What unattainable things do you want for Christmas?

OTR Obsessed!

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 2.02.28 PM

A Tavola Pizza

I really love their pizza. All of their pizzas are wood fired, use local/seasonal ingredients and are hand made. I personally enjoy the sea salt after bake. I’m weird about pizza. I take the cheese off of mine since I’m lactose intolerant, so I really don’t value cheese as a quality. I’m all about sauce, crust and toppings. Their pizza is thin crust, so deep dish lovers beware, but I could honestly finish an entire pie on my own. Unlike most restaurants, A Tavola is less crowded because the pizzas don’t take all that long to make (Hence the wood fire oven). Granted, if it’s Saturday and it’s 8pm you’re going to run into a crowd.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 2.22.02 PM


I haven’t eaten at MOTR but I have definitely had my fair share of alcohol at this joint. MOTR is a great bar if you’re into live music. Want to listen to some local or obscure band that has a great sound? Go here! I love MOTR because it’s a huge building. There’s a large main dance floor, an off to the side booth area (Great for music lovers who don’t like to be on top of a band but still like to hear them play), an outdoor patio (Great place to hang out at in the summer) and they have quite a roomy downstairs with some arcade games and a small bar as well. The only negative comment I have for this place (Mainly a disclaimer to the ladies) is that there’s only bathroom and it is really really small. Also, it’s a bit of a walk from the central bars, if it’s late at night you might wanna travel with a buddy. Use the buddy system. Don’t make fun of me, it’s essential sometimes!

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 2.30.40 PM

Taste of Belgium

I actually reviewed Taste of Belgium before but I had to brag about them again! If you’re into waffles, beer, pastries, fried chicken, small but delicious salads or tasty burgers-this is your new jam. If you’re looking for a new brunch spot, they have some delicious waffles, crepes and enough coffee to make this coffee drinker blissfully happy. This place is crowded! If you’d like to get a guaranteed table I suggest going after 6 on a weekday, it’s a little more manageable on those days. They basically have everything that would make a foodie happy. Taste of Belgium has three locations in Cincinnati so you can get your waffle on at Findlay Market, OTR and Clifton!

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 2.41.14 PM

Bakersfield OTR

I’m not an average foodie. I don’t usually it Mexican food. I like fajitas, chips and salsa can be yummy, but I’m lactose intolerant and I have a zero tolerance for spicy food. So why did I put Bakersfield on the list then? The margaritas. I definitely have an open door alcohol policy. This place tends to be packed on a daily basis, if you want a table, you need to plan ahead. I haven’t ordered anything off the menu, but I know my friends love this place. The atmosphere is welcoming and a bit old school. This bar reminds me of a smaller version Japps in a way because the TV screens often displays an old movie I can watch while sipping my drink. Did I mention they have boot shaped glasses and a weekly BAMF mention on their Facebook page? I like their style!

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 2.46.45 PM

The Eagle OTR

I love this place because I could drink their OTR ice teas all day! This “tea” (As pictured above) is the best long island I’ve ever had. I never really appreciated long islands until I tried one from here. If you’re not a liquor fan, their beer selection is to my liking since they have Crabbie’s Ginger Beer and Fat Head, but those are just my recommendations. Southern food lovers, this restaurant will make you feel at home. I personally enjoy their fries and chicken (It is a little on the spicy side) but I’ve heard their macaroni and cornbread are big crowd pleasers. I’ve never known The Eagle to not be crowded, so be prepared. It’s nice to visit during the summer because they have a small outdoor waiting area and they open all of their windows.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 3.03.00 PM

The Famous Neons Unplugged

This bar is always packed, probably because is co-owned by the infamous and local, Molly Wellman. Neons is a unique bar that houses a lot of diverse people. If it’s summer, you will not find a place to sit and during the winter you will have plenty of standing room… as long as you don’t mind the cold (There are some fire pits which do help). The outdoor patio consists of a bar, grill and a human size Jenga (See photo above) and the inside provides a bar, an upstairs room for parties and a shuffleboard table. The upstairs is sometimes open to the public and sometimes closed for parties so be careful and tread lightly so as not to interrupt. However if you’re on a date and it’s open, definitely go in. It’s the only place you can talk semi coherently if they have the music turned down. Dogs are welcome, which is great for dog owners and dog lovers, so if you’re not a big animal fan this might not be the place for you. Their hot apple cider alcoholic drink is a must have on cold nights!

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 3.18.45 PM

Japps Since 1879

Japps, like Neons, is it’s own kind of bar. I’ve never been to a bar quite like it. Japps caters to a wide audience with its crafted cocktails, live music and large dance floor. If you’re looking to go dancing, MOTR and Japps and are the way to go. Did I mention that while you’re dancing you can be accompanied by leading actors like Judy Garland or Gene Kelly? Ok, so they’re actually on the ridiculously large projector screen behind the dance floor, but you can use your imagination. Japps has steered away recently from playing classic songs like “Twist and Shout” (A little to my dismay) but they do play a lot of 80’s, 90’s and top hits which are fun to dance too. Molly Wellman (Pictured above) is a co-owner of Japps as well, she sure knows how to make me love a bar!

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 3.48.11 PM

Lucy Blue Pizza 

Lucy Blue is a great place to go when you’re looking to wind down and get a quick/cheap bite to eat. Lucy Blue has a couple of different locations in both Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, but the one in OTR is my favorite. It helps that they have my new favorite beer there, Fat Head’s Bumble Berry ale, so I’ve been a more frequent visitor as of late. The people there are cordial, they usually are playing sports (Not hockey though to my dismay) so you will never have to miss the game… I really only watch hockey so I’m not the most enthusiastic about this part. Another benefit is that it’s never overly crowded and the slices are huge.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 4.22.48 PM

Coffee Emporium

Saving the best for last! I’ve already written a post about my love for this coffee house last year, but I didn’t want them to feel excluded because this is my favorite place to hang out in OTR. That is a huge declaration of love, but it’s true. I love bars but this place makes me feel at home. They have killer coffee, apple cider, cookies, smoothies and staff. I would go everyday if I could. They’re vegan and organic friendly, health conscious in all aspects and did I mention pumpkin pie lattes!

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 4.52.36 PM


Ok, this place is beyond packed. I’ve walked past this bar a million times but I’ve never really stopped in completely until last weekend. During the summer people actually sit on window ledges because they don’t have any room. I actually am not the biggest fan of the bar per say, because it is so crowded and it’s hard to get a drink, but it is a great place to meet people and the beer is cheap. If you want to meet new people however and you’re a twenty something, this is your bar peeps.

What are your favorite places to visit in OTR? Did I mention your favorite place? What should I try next?

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