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Red River Gorge in Stanton, Kentucky

Hey everyone! I had a weekend trip not too long ago to Red River Gorge, also known as The Gorge to most Kentuckians and Cincinnatians. Now, most who have heard of The Gorge, have unfortunately only heard about the accidents that happen there. Here’s the thing, if you go through safe trails, if you’re not drinking and if you’re not wandering around in the dark where you’ve camped by cliffs-you’re fine. If you’re not an expert climber, you might want to avoid difficult trails or doing anything tricky and have friends go with you, if you’re experienced I would still say HAVE A BUDDY to go with you. Accidents happen and while it can be dangerous if you’re cocky or lack caution, if you want to hike and see how beautiful nature can be, go to The Gorge. Enough of my ranting. Here’s some pictures!

Also, one of our friends created anĀ IPA beer taste. Most, if not all, of the beers were local! We found out that it was hard to differentiate when all of the beers were IPA’s and we might switch it up on the type of beer next time but it was a lot of fun!

We had a blast, despite my asthma was giving me a hard time and I began to resemble a tomato more and more as the day went on, but it was amazing! We also went to breakfast at this adorable restaurant (See the pictures below) and had a feast of wonderful food. Overall it was an amazing weekend vacation to say the least!


Fall Favorites Review


Washington Park Photo credit: Lisa Boehmker

I really wanted to get out of the house this weekend because I knew this was probably going to be the last nice weather Saturdays, so I suggested Washington Park’s Apple Festival to a friend. The festival was definitely booming and beautiful with fall leaves everywhere and a live band. The festival was more low key (I think my brain hoped for millions of bins of apples to choose from) than I originally thought. I imagined the festival involving more apples and apple related products. I feel like the festival was more geared towards kids than adults. It definitely was cute and educational, but it wasn’t exactly what we were looking for. I really enjoy any activity Washington Park does, but unless you have some kids around-might want to only plan a quick drop by for a funnel cake or activity.


Burger and frites from Taste of Belgium

My friend and I ended up at the infamous Taste of Belgium for lunch that day. While this isn’t exactly a place that is necessarily “fall” like it is definitely worth mentioning. Taste of Belgium is amazing. I used to only buy the waffles from Findlay Market whenever I happened to be there, but now I’m obsessed with their cafe/restaurant in OTR by Washington Park. We did end up waiting for twenty or thirty minutes for brunch, but it was during lunch hour and on a weekend. I wasn’t sure what we were getting into when we entered the cafe’s doors but I’m glad we did! I ordered the burger and frites while my friend got the chicken burger (Click here for the full menu). Both of us were so hungry and happy with our meal that few words were said while we ate except how good the food was. I definitely recommend their waffles and pastries as well. Everything I’ve ever had at Taste of Belgium was delicious.


Coffee Emporium Goodies

We also managed to stop at Coffee Emporium (It was definitely an OTR kind of day) because my friend had never been before. Every time I walk into this place I am rewarded with the intense smell of coffee beans. It’s truly appetizing to even breathe in this place. While I’m an avid coffee drinker, I tend to get their apple cider with the added syrup and cinnamon because I’m a autumn and cider junkie. I believe they have it throughout the winter but it’s my favorite drink of all time. I do really love their coffee but cider always puts me in a good mood in the fall. I regret not trying one of the pastries that are in the above picture but Taste of Belgium left me full and happy. Everyone there is always so friendly and helpful. I definitely recommend Coffee Emporium for a date, hangout or a place to study. Also, if you like coffee, this is obviously the place to go.


Reality Tuesday’s Butter Rum Cider

While the Butter Rum Cider wasn’t my favorite apple cider, their original is phenomenal. I am really picky about my apple cider. This is another coffee place (This time in Kentucky) that I’m in love with. They even had a cup that supported breast cancer awareness, so I was one happy lady. It’s a great place if you need lunch or a cup of coffee and again is a great date/hangout place. There lunches are incredibly inexpensive and tasty. An honorable mention would have to be their grasshopper drink.
What are your fall favorites? I’d love to know!

P.S. I’ve decided to do NanoWrimo this month. Follow me at JuliaGoolia1920 for a brief excerpt of what I’m working on, and good luck to fellow NanoWrimo(ers).

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