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Ten Things I Think About When I Wake Up

I don’t understand morning people. I have never been, nor will I ever be, a morning person. I love sleep, and morning rudely interrupts it…. everyday. I love my sleep so much, that my boyfriend even says I have a Jekyll and Hyde mentality (In a loving way). I’m a happy, loving person during the day, and a jerk at night (I  usually don’t even realize I’m being mean. It seems rational to me at the time). So…. that being said. Here are the ten things I think about when I wake up each morning!



2. SNOOOZEEE. Must hit snooozzze!

3. If I get up to go to the bathroom, will the dog wake up? The answer is always yes.


But how can you deny this face in the morning?

4. Is it a weekend or do I have to go to work? Either way, can I tell everyone I’m sick and go back to sleep?

5. Let me think about what I can wear today. That will save time and I can go back to sleep.

6.I have no idea what to wear, why can’t I remember what I have in my closet?


8. If I go back to sleep for a bit without setting an alarm, will I be late?

9. Why do I keep dreaming that I failed out of high school and college? I don’t work at the library anymore, so why do I keep dreaming I’m late for work?

10. I cannot wait to go to sleep tonight!

Hey guys! I don’t know if you noticed, but I’m a bit obsessed with doing top ten lists. Hope you liked this one!


The Top Ten Things I Think About Before I Fall Asleep


Gotta love Fry from Futurama

I find myself constantly scaring myself before I go to sleep. It could be anything really. It could be about my job, my family, work, ghosts, etc. I tend to do this only when I’m on the brink of dreaming and sleeping as well.

1.One time I just HEARD about the plot of It Follows, and was terrified for two nights.

2. Did I lock my doors? I know I did. I’m almost positive I did, but I’m going to check them anyway.

3. Did I send that email? Did I remember to finish that proposal? This always happens. I still have nightmares about a previous job, high school and college. Luckily, no more I’m naked and I don’t know why because I’m in public dreams. Yayyyy!

4. How many hours sleep will I get if I start sleeping now? What about now? Now? This is why I have stopped having a visible alarm clock.

5. Do I have time to get good coffee in the morning? I always have elaborate plans at night….they usually don’t pan out.

6. I should work out in the morning. I need to work out more.

7. Do spiders really crawl into our mouths while we’re sleeping? I heard that’s a myth but… do they?

8. Every embarrassing or cringe worthy moment I’ve ever had just hit me. Crap.

9. Why am I not tired? Think of boring things. Think of boring things. Ooooh what if I got a puppy? That’d be awesome. Damn. That’s not boring.

10. I usually think of a really interesting story or song idea right as I’m about to sleep. Then I debate on writing it down but usually opt for I’ll remember in the morning, which  I never do. Sigh.

What do you think about before you go to sleep?

Things I take seriously…maybe too seriously


  1. Coffee (Duh)
  2. Sleep. I’m atrocious to be around in the morning, I’m a night owl.
  3. Food. I could possibly live on pad Thai and sushi.
  4. TV, books and movies even the bad ones (Sometimes watching a terrible movie boosts your self esteem and makes you laugh)
  5. Hockey. I hate violence… unless it’s in hockey.
  6. Coffee (I’m obsessed. It deserves two spots)
  7. Zooey Deschanel’s career (Except Yes Man and The Happening, we don’t talk about them)
  8. My sincere hatred of Algebra
  9. Alcohol. I don’t discriminate I love all types.
  10. Tumblr. That site still blows my mind.

I dreamed a dream


Dreams are very peculiar things. Occasionally, when I’ve had enough sleep, I have lucid dreams. While this can be incredibly amazing, it does make interpreting my dreams a bit more difficult. I love lucid dreaming, don’t get me wrong. However, I sometimes wonder what my original choice would be or what the dream would play out to be because I basically can change whatever I want. Would I have subconsciously done the right thing in a dream? Not sure, because when you’re a lucid dreamer it’s extremely easy to switch the situation. I didn’t know I was a lucid dreamer until I saw the movie, Inception (Yes, it did take me that long to realize). While I can’t always go in and manipulate my dreams, I have a decent amount of self control in them.

There are many perks to lucid dreaming, but it really sucks when you can’t change the situation or you don’t realize you’re in a dream. Take today for instance, I had a dream this morning that made me depressed. I was furious that I didn’t realize dreaming. It gave me a negative outlook on the morning. I wanted to stay in and sleep the day away, or at the very least wallow for a few hours. It reminded me of the Friends episode where Phoebe is insanely mad at Ross. We don’t find out until the very end of the episode that Phoebe had a dream where Ross said she was boring and didn’t have a legitimate reason to be angry with him. I’ve definitely had one of these moments! It’s so hard to tell lucid dreaming from real life when the circumstances are life like.

I’ve come out of dreams and later that day I’ll be confused if the dream happened or not. One time I had to call my sister and ask her if she was mad at me because I was completely convinced she said something terrible to me, it turned out to be a dream. I know what you might be thinking, wouldn’t you know it was a dream? Well, in my experience, sometimes I don’t remember the dream I had that night but I remember the feelings that came with it. Or sometimes my dreams are quite spiteful and will change original memories. I remembered that sense of dread and wanting to talk to my sister and since I didn’t really know the true story of what happened I had to double check with her. Crazy, right?

What’s your experiences with dreams? Are you a lucid dreamer? Do you forget your dreams?

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