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Ten Things I Think About When I Wake Up

I don’t understand morning people. I have never been, nor will I ever be, a morning person. I love sleep, and morning rudely interrupts it…. everyday. I love my sleep so much, that my boyfriend even says I have a Jekyll and Hyde mentality (In a loving way). I’m a happy, loving person during the day, and a jerk at night (I  usually don’t even realize I’m being mean. It seems rational to me at the time). So…. that being said. Here are the ten things I think about when I wake up each morning!



2. SNOOOZEEE. Must hit snooozzze!

3. If I get up to go to the bathroom, will the dog wake up? The answer is always yes.


But how can you deny this face in the morning?

4. Is it a weekend or do I have to go to work? Either way, can I tell everyone I’m sick and go back to sleep?

5. Let me think about what I can wear today. That will save time and I can go back to sleep.

6.I have no idea what to wear, why can’t I remember what I have in my closet?


8. If I go back to sleep for a bit without setting an alarm, will I be late?

9. Why do I keep dreaming that I failed out of high school and college? I don’t work at the library anymore, so why do I keep dreaming I’m late for work?

10. I cannot wait to go to sleep tonight!

Hey guys! I don’t know if you noticed, but I’m a bit obsessed with doing top ten lists. Hope you liked this one!


The 10 Similarities Of Being A Parent Or A Puppy Parent

Hey everyone! I really wanted to write this entry but I swear I’ll write the NYC one soon. I have been commiserating with my sisters on the good, the bad and the ugly parts of having a “child”. Check out my post last week if you want a back story of how I got my puppy Murphy Brown and why. Please let me disclose that I think being an actual parent is MUCH harder then being a pet owner, but there are some hilarious similarities.


1. You don’t sleep the same way you used to. As in, you don’t get much sleep at all. You’re either worried their uncomfortable, they have peed/pooped themselves so much that they woke up, they’re crying or they think 2 am is play time. I have a new routine where my dog does (FINALLY) sleep through the night, but she will get up at 5:45 am and want to play.

2. You worried about their level of comfort more than your own. Sometimes it’s because you want them to sleep and you don’t want ANYTHING interrupting their nap time, but most of the time you feel guilty for moving or breathing. Hence, you sleep and sit in awkward positions to appease your “child”.

3. You want your “child” to have friends but you’re also worried about their friends. Your internal thoughts run as so, “Aw, look they’re so cute when they’re playing. That doesn’t look like a very nice girl, she’s a lot taller, what if she bites her?! I will kick that girl’s butt if she even touches my baby!”

4. There’s an awful moment where they have had an accident (They’ve spilled, broke or chewed on something you didn’t want them to) but you’re in the middle of something, and you can’t decide what to do first.

5. Basically it’s a lot of prioritizing. Is work more important? Are friends more important? Is staying out another hour more important? Answer to all, nope.

6. When you are out and trying to enjoy yourself without your “child” you can’t help but worry about them and want to check in constantly. I’m guilty of this already.

7. You feel like you’re slowly turning into your parents. “We’ve talked about this! I told you not to do that!” You find yourself also using words you would never use in adult life, like using the word potty and calling yourself mommy or daddy.

8. If you have a significant other you will find yourself obsessed with asking them about your “child’s” bathroom habits. “Did she pee or poop? Did it look ok? Was there a lot of poop?” Sooooo much poop.

9. Instead of buying things for yourself you end up spoiling your “child” constantly. There’s always another toy that they have to have.

10. However, most importantly, you notice how full your life is with them in it. You feel fulfilled when they’re around. You’re happier and are constantly sad and happy by the fact that they grow so fast.




The Top Ten Ways To Keep Your Childhood Intact

Hello everybody! I notice that I write a lot of nostalgia/bitter posts about growing older. While there are some definite downsides to growing up, I think I should focus more on the positive side of getting older. Plus, if we don’t act like a kid from time to time, we’ll go crazy. Here are some ways you can hold on to your childhood without being immature (well without being completely immature) or reckless:

1. Eat an ice cream cone (or a popsicle for those ice cream haters or lactose intolerants out there). This is the easiest way to revert back to your childhood, especially if it’s summertime. I did this just the other day at King’s Island. I am in love with their blueberry ice cream! Whenever I buy a blueberry and vanilla soft serve there I immediately feel giddy and happy. If you hear an ice cream truck go run after it. Order a dreamsicle, or something that’s like a push pop. Who cares if the neighborhood kids are waiting behind you in line?

2. Watch cartoons. I don’t mean Bob’s Burgers or Archer (while they’re classics they’re still adult), watch a Disney Movie or a cartoon that makes you remember that cartoons were so weird back then and had plenty of hidden meanings like Shrek! You don’t need a kid to be with you in order to watch it, just watch it because you want to. Do you really miss the X-Men cartoon series? Do you want to watch Animaniacs or Captain Planet? Do it! Don’t be embarrassed, just have fun.

3. Run, jump and skip just because you can. I tend to do this when I’ve had a beer or two, which probably isn’t a good idea, but it sure is fun! I always think of the Friends episode where Phoebe runs exactly the way she wants to run. I mean, don’t do this in a professional setting, but otherwise everything else is game.

4. Play Truth or Dare or Never Have I ever. I never really got to play these things as a kid. I was a really sheltered kid with sheltered friends for the most part. My first real party was in college…. and it wasn’t even really a “party”. This can be fun to play with friends because you get to learn new things and it’s something different to do.

5. Eat junk food for dinner. I do this every once in awhile, my go to is-you guessed it-ice cream. Has it been a bad day? Eat some ice cream or eat some Doritos and finish a beer. I try to stay away from this when I can because it’s addictive, but you have to have your days of defying the wishes of your parents, it’s good for the soul.

6. Make a tent. Yes, you heard me. Make a tent out of blankets. Are you feeling sick or bummed out? Make a couch bed and then hide underneath your fort made out of chairs and old comforters. I made a fort with my niece once, and it seriously made me want to only live in a tent. I think this is why I am slightly obsessed with lofts and bunk beds still. It makes for great fort opportunities. I do however, make a bed couch for myself when I’m sick and watch Princess Bride and whine about the fact that Cary Elwes is incredibly under appreciated while I quote every line. Think of the show Community when they create a fort and it goes viral.

7. Swing on a swing set. I do this all the time! Granted it’s usually with my niece, but I would do it on my own too. It’s something that can take your mind off of trivial things, you’re using up pent up energy and it’s relaxing.

8. Nap. I regret wasting my nap time. I nap all the time. I actually have a napping problem on the weekends. I’ve had three naps in a day once…. It was magical.

9. Push work aside for an hour or two and only concentrate on only yourself. As a kid, your main priority was yourself. Allow yourself to be selfish and only think of what you want to do. It doesn’t have to be for long, it could be shopping, playing video games or watching mindless TV with your phone turned off. Give yourself a break, you deserve one.

10. Use your imagination. I kind of do this everyday. I constantly think of what if scenarios and contemplate what would happen if they actually occurred. I have had to rediscover my imagination lately. I feel like it disappears from time to time, which is sad since it’s the most important thing you should have as an adult. Hope and your imagination is what will guide you and keep you sane.

What do you miss about your childhood?

Top Ten Reasons Why Summering in NKY and Cincinnati is the Best!

Hey everybody! These are just some of the reasons why I love living so close to Cincinnati.


1.  The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden is one of the best zoos in the country. I recently went to the Tunes and Blooms event that is held on every Thursday in April. Tunes and Blooms allows everyone to enter the zoo free of charge. There’s also live music playing and other vendors giving away free items and teaching children how to do things like compost in your backyard and such. It’s great for kids, but be aware that the place is packed even more so than usual. The zoo in general though, is awesome. You can have a beer, eat a slice of Larosa’s pizza and take in the amazing view of both exotic animals and flowers.


2. You have to go to a Cincinnati Reds game at least once each year. Even if you hate baseball, the atmosphere is completely delightful. Beer, peanuts, junk food, a good view and some community comradery. Go to one baseball game. Have a beer (Which they have a lot of craft beer now, and cute places like Bootleggers) and relax. Just try it!


3. Party in the Park has been an event that happens on every Wednesday in the summer since 1976! It’s an excuse to celebrate hump day with a beer, some live music and some local food. It usually draws a big crowd and it provides a nice view of the river.

20150524_164930 20150524_163341 20150524_162306 20150523_201720

4. I freak out when I know Taste of Cincinnati is just around the corner. This is basically a foodie’s paradise. I fricken love all of the different food, beer and entertainment (Yes, I do notice that I write a lot about beer, food and live music). It’s kind of incredible when you know that there’s no possible way you can eat something from every food vendor. It would be physically impossible, and that’s kind of beautiful. Good food, good entertainment and good company. If you go on a Friday or Saturday, you might not be able to move around if you’re short like me. If you don’t mind crowds, then I’d highly recommend it!


5. This park is little… I know, I know, I’m not that punny. Yes, you can pretend slap me over the computer now. I swear no more puns… probably. I passed Lytle Park on the way to Reds game one day and I just had to stop and take a picture. It looks gorgeous. While my allergies hate spring/summer, I can’t help but admire the scenery.


6. Schneider’s Sweet Shop sells these magnificant treats called Ice Balls on day after Easter. I look forward to this ever Easter. I know that summer isn’t too far away if I can get a Tiger’s Blood snow cone filled with vanilla ice cream from Schneider’s. It’s amazing. I know what you’re going to say. Ice cream and a snow cone? Trust me, you will like it.


7. I went to the drag strip in Cleves, Ohio (This event is comically referred to as Friday Night Lightz) a weekend or two ago with my boyfriend and a few of his friends. It was fun! I mean watching cars race each other, being with friends, drinking beer and being outside, what more could you ask for? I definitely wouldn’t have gone there on my own (Since I had no idea it existed), but I really did like learning about the different cars and trying to figure out which car would beat out the other. It was something new and different and I would definitely go back.

20150523_213129 20150523_223034 20150523_215602

8. I stopped by 21 C Museum Hotel Cincinnati for the first time and had a great time on their roof! The view was killer and the alcohol (While a bit pricey for this girl the popsicle with alcohol was a nice touch) was tasty. Honestly this is why you want to be in Cincinnati. Partying on a roof overlooking the city? It’s bound to be a good time.

9. I love roller coasters. I get a little more shaken from them than I used to, but I still enjoy the thrill of a good loop or hill. Diamondback and The Banshee are easily the best rides (In my opinion) to go on, but there are lots of fun coasters and if you don’t like their blueberry ice cream, than I cannot count you as a friend.Seriously, what’s wrong with you?

10. This hasn’t happened yet, but I’m beyond thrilled about it anyway. They’re having a Beerfest at Washington Park! I’ve been to the Fountain Square one, and I wasn’t as impressed but I am beyond happy with their location this year. Anything at Washington Park is fun but this is beyond amazing!


Honorable Mention: Most of the time Bunbury Music Festival is pretty cool, this year was decent. I liked the 2013 year the best but don’t worry I’m writing that post this week!

The Top Ten Things That Make Me Insanely Happy

Hey everyone, it’s Top Ten Tuesday! Since I’ve had all this anxiety stuff going on I decided I should focus on the good things in my life and focus on what makes me happy.


1. Food. I love food, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I plan my day around what meal I’m going to have next, and I get excited by it. Genuinely. Am I going to have hibatchi for lunch today? Well today is going to be fabulous then. I’m going to Bunbury Music Festival this weekend and all I can think about is the fact that I can have Eli’s Barbecue everyday while watching amazing music…. I swear I care about the music too.

2. Coffee. As I’ve said before, I am a coffee addict. I love coffee, and I think coffee loves me too. We have a beautiful relationship, don’t judge.

3. Traveling. I get so excited for the smallest of trips. I’m planning on going to Chicago and Washington D.C. this summer and I’m beyond pumped. I’ve never been to D.C. and cannot wait to check it out! I’m hoping to go to Europe next year to visit my best friend while he’s teaching in Spain… is this possible? Maybe. I’m going to try and make it there because I miss going outside the country and visiting somewhere new. Plus, I think I’ll miss him too much and need a fix before he comes home.

4. People. My family, my boyfriend and my friends can make my day better in an instant. I’m one of those people who usually feels better when they’re around people. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy curling up with some wine and a good book at my house, but I also need to be around people to really recharge sometimes. Some of my happiest moments in life are being with people I care about.

5. Singing. I sing all the time. Even when I talk I tend to do the Zooey Deschanel singing random words thing she does in New Girl. It’s something that I’m not the absolute best at, but it does make me forget about my problems. Plus, when you actually hit that note you didn’t think you could hit, you feel like a star…. Yes I did watch too much Glee in the early seasons.

6. Writing. If I write a line I really like or I have a killer idea, I can accept that and feel proud of myself. Granted, it doesn’t happen often but it’s nice when it does.

7. Music, film, books or plays-the arts really. I can’t play an instrument, I can’t act all that well and I definitely cannot draw. So seeing someone else doing these amazing things makes me jealous in the best possible way. I love creative people and I’m amazed by art everyday. There’s so many things worth looking at out there.

8. The beach. I’ve been to the beach before but when I do get to see the ocean I act like a kid again. I went to Destin, Florida last year with my best friend and I reverted immediately back to when I was eight and use to play in the water. I hope to go back to the beach or at least to a lake here soon!

9. Summer. There’s something so hopeful about warm weather to me. I think it’s because I associate warm weather with happiness because I use to have the summer to myself. Every kid looks forward to summer break, and I still let the weather influence my mood.

10. Learning something new. I completely admit that I don’t know everything… not even close. So when I figure out how to do something new, I am floored. From time to time I impress myself by learning something I never thought I’d get the hang of.

What makes you insanely happy?

The Ten Things I Do When I’m Upset

I know it’s not Top Ten Tuesday, but I’ve been needing to write this post for awhile now and this is the only day I had any sort of free time because I’ve been sick and busy at work. Stress is difficult, and when I stress out I become upset. Hopefully you can either sympathize with the post and know you’re not alone or at the very least get a kick out of the fact that your life isn’t this ridiculous.


I did take a quiz once that said I was like Monica from Friends. Makes sense.

1. I stress clean. I clean like there’s a mold invasion in my home and the only way to get it out is vacuuming and scrubbing like no other. I think I do think because it’s a control issue. If I can make my house clean, then I can take control of my life. Obviously this isn’t true, but it helps.

american beauty

2. I talk to myself and try to boost my confidence…. but mainly I’m just talking to myself. “Hey, this is happening now and it sucks, but there’s always coffee. Think about drinking some coffee. If you can do this today you can buy coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts and you will have deserved it.”

3. Vent. Oh I love to vent. Mainly I vent to my best friend, who uses me for venting at times, but I really will vent to anyone who will listen. I don’t have a vent filter, though I should.

4. I have this tendency to eat really bad junk food or I can’t eat at all. It depends on the situation. If I’m truly upset I won’t eat at all. I get an upset stomach and everything I eat just comes back to bite me. It really sucks because if I had the choice I’d be chowing down on Chinese food and ice cream for weeks.

kim kardashian

Hopefully it isn’t as ugly as the Kim Kardashian ugly cry.

5. I do the ugly cry. I tend to cry when I’m upset or really frustrated. I try to turn it off but once I reach a certain line the waterworks start rolling and I look like a complete mess. It’s not pretty,


Yep, this pretty much sums it up.

6. I play video games. This really helps my stress level. I play video games until my eyes start to burn and I yearn to go to sleep. I particularly like to play Star Wars Battlefront but anything will do really. Grand Theft Auto has been known to increase the rage but it can be cathartic.

7. I call someone and talk to them. Preferably in person. Depending on how upset I am I call different people. If I need a mood booster I might call one friend or if I feel like I’m in the pits of despair I’ll call a different friend. Yes, I do call different people depending on my mood sometimes. I know I’m weird.

8. I write about the situation. This sometimes helps and sometimes it makes it worse. I can either work out my problem on paper or I’ve at least put all of my thoughts down and collected them into one nice essay. This really could either work or not work for you. It usually works for me because like stress cleaning, I can resolve the mess and at least pretend it’s fixed for now.

9. I hug someone. Cuddling helps. If you feel comfortable you can cuddle with your friend, family member or significant other. There’s research on how cuddling can help. Or if you’re out of humans to cuddle with, pet a dog or cat.


Yell like you’re in “Garden State”.

10. Scream like it’s going out of style… like that phrase. I have done this, it does hurt. Be smart about yelling. You can strain your voice and that would suck but there is a sense of release once you finally yell like a banshee.

The Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Being Single

Zooey Deschanel in New Girl says it best!

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, I’m single and live by myself. Sure, I’m looking for love, but sometimes being single is the best! Here are some reasons why I like being single:

1. I can watch any show, YouTube channel or movie that I want. I watch a lot of YouTube. A LOT. I also watch some crappy sappy TV shows that most people snub. I love good TV, but I also love bad TV. Sometimes I just want to watch Millionaire Matchmaker in peace.

2. I can make plans on a whim. If I want to take a road trip to Chicago, I can. There’s nothing stopping me… well except my job. But besides that, open road!

3. I can have a crush on multiple guys. Sometimes it’s fun to flirt. Since I’m single, I don’t have to feel guilty. I can kick back and get my flirt on.

4. I never have to meet the parents. I’m pretty good at the meeting the parents thing, but I still hate being nervous and freaking out before it happens. I also never have to attend awkward holiday gatherings where I only know my significant other. Sure it gets awkward less and less with each event, but it’s still my least favorite thing about dating someone. I get nervous way too easily, this doesn’t help.

5. I can spend all weekend inside if I want to. I don’t have to leave the comfort of my bed and my Netflix account is only a few inches away.

Sing it Taylor Swift!

6. I don’t have to care about my appearance. I can wear my Avengers sweatshirt and my softest pj pants and wear face masks all day. It makes me happy and I don’t have to exert any effort. Basically, it gives me a reason to become completely lazy. LOVEEE ITTTT.

7. I can eat the last piece of pizza or the last bite of chocolate. I live on my own, my stomach has the last say so.

8. Being single = less responsibility. I do like being in a relationship, but it can be extremely stressful. Instead of worrying about what my partner is thinking or having to deal with kids and/or a marriage, I can worry about myself (Which is easier said than done). I can concentrate on my career and make the decisions I need to make that suit me best.  I can be selfish and guilt free.

9. You don’t have to pretend to like their style. Want to have a flowery bedspread? Do you secretly hate anime or sports? Guess what, you don’t have to pretend to like those things anymore. While I try not to lie about what I enjoy anymore, I try to make compromises if I like someone. No compromises have to be made when you’re single.

10. You can find out who you want to be. If you want to be a better, stronger person then be alone. I think relationships can help aide motivation but I think you truly find yourself when you’re on your own doing your own thing. If you don’t like being by yourself, nobody else will want to be with you either.

Are you single? What do you like about it? What do you hate about it?

Top Ten Ways to De-Stress

Frustrated Woman at Computer With Stack of Paper

It’s top ten Tuesday! I always have a lot of anxiety and stress. I do it to myself. I constantly am stressing myself out with concerns and problems that sometimes, to be honest, shouldn’t matter to me. My second job for example, it’s not something to fret about. I will not ruin someone’s life if I don’t get their coat fast enough or get their meal order correct. While I logically know this, I instead stress out completely about mundane details. I haven’t written much in January because my first job, my new job, is very stressful! Without going into a long spiel about it or telling everyone where I work, I will sum it up by saying that a lot rides on my particular side of the job. If I screw up, it’s a big deal. Needless to say, I’ve been a wreck the last two weeks. I care about things to an absurd degree. I care to a ridiculous extent about messing up, so I’ve come up with ways ten ways to de-stress and just breathe!

1. Swear. Swear a lot. Whether you’re swearing underneath your breath or swearing while you’re talking to someone about a situation (Not at someone please, be nice!) you will calm down a bit. Studies have shown swearing will help you keep your cool, it even helps with pain! Which is great, because I curse like a sailor.

2. Sing. Guess what? Singing can reduce stress! It’s true. It can actually make you happier. Believe it or not, it’s actually good to sing in the shower for three minutes a day if possible. Obviously you can’t belt out a musical ensemble at you work place (Or if you can I am jealous) but if you’re in your car, at your house or with friends then sing your heart out. It’s the healthy thing to do.

3. Punch something. Now, when I say this I mean a pillow or something that’s soft and won’t kill your hand. Whenever I used to step on a Lego or a toy when I was younger I would throw it across the room… obviously not a very mature move but I can’t deny that I liked doing it.

4. Eat some ice cream or drink some alcohol. Indulge. Treat yo self! Don’t overdo it but let yourself indulge in something unhealthy or mind numbing. Even if you only do it for a few minutes you’ll be happier.

5. Cuddle. This sounds crazy, but find someone or a pet to cuddle with. Cuddle with your pet, cuddle with your significant other or hug a friend or family member. It helps to be held. It really, really does.

6. Listen to a song that makes you feel angry/fuels the fire. This sounds counterproductive but I tend to listen to Nine Inch Nails or I listen to Disturb’s “Down with the Sickness” until I’m shouting. It’s great.

7. Scream. Scream until it hurts or until you become hoarse. Get in your car or someplace where you’re alone and yell. You need to voice how you feel. Even if it feels weird to do so.

8. Ask yourself, will this matter to me in a year? This is hard to do, but if the problem won’t cause you grief a year from now, it most likely is trivial. You don’t deserve misery. Evaluate the situation and say screw it. If it’s not going to break you. If it’s a big problem, take a deep breath and try to fixg the small details of the problem then work on the big problem(s) one by one.

9. Channel it into making that deadline or completing that task that needs to be done. While I wouldn’t recommend doing this (However I never listen to my own advice) all the time. I will say the more stressed out I am, the more I accomplish. When I’m freaking out, running around like a mad woman, I get stuff done. It’s sad, but oh so true.

10. Get in your car, bike or walk until you can’t do it anymore. Clear your brain and physically leave the situation if you can. It’s like running away, but not exactly. Go back. Distance yourself then come back to the situation. Go to bed angry and stressed. Sometimes, not always, but sometimes you will wonder why you got upset in the first place.

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Ways I Know I’m Growing Up

I talk about adulthood a lot on this blog, but I feel like your twenties are the time you discover who you are and where your life is going to go… well hopefully. Anyways, this top ten Tuesday will tell you the ten ways I knew I was growing up!

Click the picture above for the short clip from 30 Rock 🙂

1. I used to complain about adults treating me like I was a child in high school. I know why now. Because high schoolers are babies. Hear me out! When you’re in high school there are plenty of people, possibly yourself, who will want you to grow up quickly and figure your WHOLE life out by 18. Don’t. You will not have your life figured out that quickly, it’s impossible. Accept that you’re a kid for a little while longer and treasure it. The less responsibility you have, the more carefree you are. Adulthood is all about the responsibility.

2. I hate noisy bars and bars with limited seating. I like to sit. I have two jobs and while I do primarily sit a lot at one of them, I’m still tired. When I want to relax with friends I like to hear them talk. I like to sit down and interact with them. Sure, dancing is great and all, but so is being comfortable. I feel like Tina Fey in 30 Rock, most nights. Also, when looking around the bar I realize that most of the population is younger me. Especially when a 21-year-old guy hits on me…. you’re a baby, and that’s cute and flattering, but no.

3. I can’t remember how to use my imagination. My four-year old niece said that I can’t “play good”. While I can create stories in my head, write songs and poems and imagine my life if Joseph Gordon Levitt or Sean O’Pry was my boyfriend. I can also envision Zooey Deschanel asking me to star in New Girl with her and join her and M. Ward in She and Him. However, I kind of forget how to play Barbies or with action figures. My action figures would be talking to each other about working 60 hours a week and how I need to start doing my own taxes.

4. I don’t have a Blackberry or a day planner, but I plan my entire day through my phone. I have check my schedule now if I want to hang out with friends. It’s weird. It’s really weird. It may sound adult like, but I would much rather have a lazy lackadaisical college summer. I’m an organization freak now.

5. You have bills that you have to pay or else that repo man from Sims comes to get your stuff. Ok, so the repo man doesn’t exactly show up, but if you don’t want debt, you have to pay bills. This usually starts when you move out. It’s a great feeling, being independent, but it does come with responsibility.

6. I can’t stay out late anymore. On occasion I do have those days where I stay up until 5 in the morning or I watch Netflix until 2 am but most of the time I am ready to go home at midnight, especially if it’s a Friday. I’m so drained by the week that by Friday all I want to do is be cozy and be in bed by midnight. Saturdays are a different story usually because I can sleep in.

7. I want to have dinner parties. I don’t understand it. It sounds lame as I type this out, but it’s true. I really want to have people over for dinner once a month.

8. I like talk radio. Granted, it’s usually trashy talk like entertainment updates or gossip but I enjoy it more than songs in the mornings.

9. I tell it like it is. The older I get, the less crap I put up with. I’m still a little wary on this, but with age I think will care less and learn to say no more. If I like someone, I tell them. I don’t hide it for weeks on end. I stand up for myself now, more than I ever have, and it feels good.

10. I realize how much I want to stay and spend time with my family. Yeah sure, we fight, but at the end of the day they’re there for me and I’m there for them…. Corny? Yes, I know.

This is a great list that inspired this post. I agree with most of it, except the whole returning library books. I still don’t turn them in on time and I was a librarian for seven years. Ooops.

How do you know you’re growing up or not growing up? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear your opinion!

Top Ten: My Top Ten Favorite Video Games

Hey everybody, it’s top ten Tuesday! I have been playing video games since I can remember. I had all male cousins growing up, and it kind of turned me into a gamer. I wasn’t allowed to play much when my cousins were around, since I was a “girl”, but that didn’t stop me from falling in love with gaming. My parents also bought the original Nintendo, so when I got home I could rage on with Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. My sister was actually such a Mario expert that families would hire her as a babysitter. She was the only kid in our neighborhood that could beat the game. As I grew up I thought I would grow tired of gaming and would want to move on. Turns out, not so much. Not only has every guy I’ve ever seriously dated been a gamer, but I find myself attaching myself to every new RPG that’s come out. I know I’m probably missing a lot of amazing games, but these are my absolute favorites. With that introduction, here’s the top ten favorite games… besides Super Mario Bros.

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1. Super Mario World 3

This was my game. I’ve mentioned in past posts that I kick some major butt in this game. I don’t brag about my gaming skills (Since I’m in all seriousness not that great at them) but I’m amazing at this game. I used to play this game over and over again when I was in grade school and some of high school. I loved Super Nintendo more than a teenage kid should. I was amazed with this game. The fact that Yoshi can turn different colors and fly, blew my mind. I still love this game to this day. It still makes me feel nostalgic.

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2. Streets of Rage

My cousins had a Sega back in the day and we basically only played Streets of Rage and Sonic on that thing. While the themes of this game are bad (You punch a lot of women with whips that scream like banshees) I still enjoy this game. I know I shouldn’t but hey, it’s the  nostalgia talking. I can get away with that right? This totally made me think when I got older, it’s a kinda weird game to play when you’re 10.

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3. Zelda

I never defeated this game and it still angers me. If you couldn’t tell, SuperNintendo was my console of choice. It was my security blanket. I lost many days to trying to beat this game and couldn’t get past certain levels. This was before I knew about cheats and guides. I was doing this all on my own, the internet wasn’t really even available for this sort of thing…. I sound so incredibly old right now. Oh well. I love this game, despite the fact that I never knew what I was doing.

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4. Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2

These two games stole my heart for awhile. I was a little embarrassed to play them in a way because Goofy and Donald Ducky are your sidekicks, but once you get over that, you realize the amazingness of this game. These two games mix Final Fantasy characters (I’m ashamed to say I’ve never really played any of the Final Fantasy games) and Disney characters and story plots. The games are more heartfelt than most kid’s games. This game got me through some rough times. Plus, a kid once told me I looked like Kari and it made my day.

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5. Star Wars Battlefront 2

Why didn’t I choose Star Wars Battlefront 1 you might ask? Because Battlefront 2 is a thousand times better! Ok, so I’ve noticed a theme. If you started out for whatever reason playing 2 instead of 1 you absolutely hate 1 and vice versa. Needless to say, they both are fun and will bring out your inner geek. I’m incredibly pumped for 3! I’m a sucker for any “Kamino” level.

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6. Resident Evil 4

Here starts the trend of Julie playing zombie video games. You knew I was going to put zombie games in here. I first started out playing Resident Evil 4. While the look/annoyingness of this game (I mean come on President’s daughter, get it together!) isn’t necessarily my most ideal choice, I really started to like zombies because of this game. I was terrified most of the time, but it still was freaking awesome.

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7. Last of Us

Words cannot describe my love for this game. Do I love the graphics? Yes. Did I cry? Yes. Was Ellie still looking way too much like Ellen Page and hellooo, isn’t her name is incredibly similar to Ellen? Yes. This game was like a movie come to life. I loved it. I really liked the attention to detail. A lot of people complained that the story line was too much and the game play too little. I didn’t care. I could play this game again and again, but I was scared about half the time I played it. It’s good. I don’t care what anybody says, this is way up there on my list of favorites.

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8. BioShock 1 and 3

Okay so why not BioShock 2? It was terrible. It has no introduction to the world of “Rapture”, they assumed you played the first one and being a Big Daddy was not fun for me. The fact that the first BioShock 1 didn’t even have a cut scene astounded me. The first game was a scary nightmare, I admit I watched someone play it the majority of the time, but it was thrilling nonetheless. I think I watched it being played in a total of two or three days. I think I was one of the last people to be shocked by this ending, I luckily didn’t run into any spoilers. The theme was marvelous, I love this era and was craving more (After I found out how much I hated 2).

BioShock Infinite didn’t come out for awhile. I was waiting and waiting, I had actually watched the gameplay trailer when it first came out. It was definitely worth the wait. While I wanted to wait longer so that they could make Elizabeth a second player option, I’m glad they completed this game and made it available. It is gorgeous and I was happy that I wasn’t constantly afraid to play it (Splicers are scary!). I was furious at the ending when I finished, but looking back I can say that it was more compelling than I thought it would be. The DLC (Downloadable Content) is pretty swell as well.

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9. Walking Dead-TellTale Games

I know. Zombies. Shut it. It’s awesome! TellTale is a beyond brilliant digital publisher that also created one of my favorite honorable mention games, The Wolf Among Us. I have never cried or have been as involved in a game as I was with this one. I had heard that the first Walking Dead game attempt kinda sucked but I was still interested because I loved the graphic novels and the show.  TellTale allows you to choose your adventure. That’s right fellow gamers, you actually choose the outcome of the game! It’s what we always wanted! This game makes my heart hurt and my creativity turn. The game is beautifully designed and it will make you think twice about judging zombie games. However, haters are going to hate, so check out their other games if you don’t like apocalyptic themes. They actually just came out with a Borderland series, which I know a lot of people are psyched about. I’m particularly jazzed about the Game of Thrones game that is supposed to come out soon! Play this game. It seriously will change the way you think. Another honorable mention would be the Heavy Rain series. I seriously loved this game but it was for the exact same reasons as this one. Choose your adventure gaming is the way to be.

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10. King’s Quest 5

This probably doesn’t count as a video game… but I had to add it to the list. My sisters and I played the King’s Quest games all the time when we were younger. I would say on a daily basis at a point. This is the one I remember the most. I loved this game because it was something you had to think about and try to figure out for yourself. It’s another piece of my nostalglic childhood.
What are your favorite games? Have any suggestions, please give me some!

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