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Puppy Mania!

Murphy Brown (the dog) has been a grand addition to my life. While she can be a little crazy at times, my boyfriend and I can’t imagine our lives without her.

This post is about the multiple events and places I’ve been apart of since Murphy has come into our lives. I love to keep her active because that gives me some down time and it gives her some much needed exercise. I often take her to dog parks. While I do feel uneasy about taking her, since people have warned me against aggressive dogs and diseases. However, I try to be as cautious as possible. Murphy is up to date on all of her shots, if any dog seems hostile towards her, I immediately scoop her up and take her away from the situation.
Murphy loves to run and while I can watch her gleefully for a few minutes, I can become bored easily. Hence why I love Washington Park in Over the Rhine. I go to Cincinnati quite often since I live so close, but Washington Park is great for dog lovers who have owners who are also beer lovers. Yappy Hour, as shown above, is one of my favorite events downtown. At Yappy Hour, dogs are provided with treats and free food while their owners can enjoy a cocktail.I like taking her there, picking up a beer and then heading towards the dog park section. Personally, I haven’t had a problem with aggressive dogs, but Murphy tends to be an instigator so that doesn’t exactly help matters. I believe Yappy Hour occurs every Thursday night in the summer.

Another event I went to was Paws and Pints at Listermann Brewing Company (As seen above). This event was adorable. There were paw print cookies, free samples of dog food, party hats and lots of happy friendly dogs. This also gave this happy owner a chance to drink some great beer while socializing Murphy. The event was held to celebrate national dog day and it was definitely a hoot!


Also, here’s a random tidbit from me learning the hard way. It sounds silly but these dog wipes are amazing for getting out bathroom stains that your pet leaves. They’re cheap and effective and they’re great if your bringing your pup to a new place that involves carpeting!

Favorite dog parks in Cincinnati: A tie between Washington Park (But you have to pay for parking usually) or Otto Armleder Dog Park (Free parking and lots of room for dogs to play)

Favorite dog park in Northern Kentucky: Highland Hills Dog Park




Six Things To Do In Cincinnati & NKY During The Spring


Smale Park in Cincinnati

I know that everyone is excited about spring, but I’m seriously pumped about it! I have all of these things I want to do and the list goes on and on. Here’s just a sampling of what I’d like to accomplish this spring.

1. Every Cincinnatian knows that one of the best days of the year is opening day for the Cincinnati Reds. It’s fun, everybody in the town acts like it’s Christmas and it’s glorious.

2. Go to the zoo. It’s Tunes and Blooms month in April. That means you can go to the zoo and listen to some live music… for free! It’s one of my favorite things to do in April. Grab a beer and see some amazing animals and listen to some live music. It’s fun and cheap.

3. Stop by Eden, Washington, Smale and Ault Park and take a look around. I love parks and while I don’t do it that often, I also really like to hike and take walks in them. Smale Park especially does a great job of planting gorgeous flowers and they have bench swings that are fun to sit in. Washington Park will also be starting their event calendar in April, so be prepared for free fun and events. Also, it might sound a little peculiar but head over to Spring Grove Cemetery as well. It really is a treat to see in the spring time, and everything there is wonderful.

4. Eat outside. I am a Barleycorn’s lover and when it’s spring time I anticipate the day that I can eat outside. I’m also looking forward to eating outside at the Incline Public House. In my last post I mentioned my love for the brunch, but the views there are amazing and so is the food!

5. Go to Findlay Market. So Findlay is open during the winter, but it really blossoms (Pun intended) in the spring time. I’m a huge fan of Dojo gelato and their fresh produce. If you’re looking for great organic food and something to do on a Saturday, you must go! They have a free wine tasting on Saturdays, cute unique items from local vendors and did I mention the gelato!

6. Go to King’s Island. I love roller coasters. I can ride each ride a few times and still come back for more. While King’s Island can cost you a pretty penny (Actually way more than a penny), it’s worth it. I plan on seeing if I can go to King’s Island on a workday this year and ride all of the rides. The weekends are always packed, so plan accordingly. They do have a new fast pass system, but if you can go before school lets out for summer and try to plan going on a workday, it is fantastic. Gates open April 18th!

What’s your favorite thing to do in the spring?

Fall Favorites Review


Washington Park Photo credit: Lisa Boehmker

I really wanted to get out of the house this weekend because I knew this was probably going to be the last nice weather Saturdays, so I suggested Washington Park’s Apple Festival to a friend. The festival was definitely booming and beautiful with fall leaves everywhere and a live band. The festival was more low key (I think my brain hoped for millions of bins of apples to choose from) than I originally thought. I imagined the festival involving more apples and apple related products. I feel like the festival was more geared towards kids than adults. It definitely was cute and educational, but it wasn’t exactly what we were looking for. I really enjoy any activity Washington Park does, but unless you have some kids around-might want to only plan a quick drop by for a funnel cake or activity.


Burger and frites from Taste of Belgium

My friend and I ended up at the infamous Taste of Belgium for lunch that day. While this isn’t exactly a place that is necessarily “fall” like it is definitely worth mentioning. Taste of Belgium is amazing. I used to only buy the waffles from Findlay Market whenever I happened to be there, but now I’m obsessed with their cafe/restaurant in OTR by Washington Park. We did end up waiting for twenty or thirty minutes for brunch, but it was during lunch hour and on a weekend. I wasn’t sure what we were getting into when we entered the cafe’s doors but I’m glad we did! I ordered the burger and frites while my friend got the chicken burger (Click here for the full menu). Both of us were so hungry and happy with our meal that few words were said while we ate except how good the food was. I definitely recommend their waffles and pastries as well. Everything I’ve ever had at Taste of Belgium was delicious.


Coffee Emporium Goodies

We also managed to stop at Coffee Emporium (It was definitely an OTR kind of day) because my friend had never been before. Every time I walk into this place I am rewarded with the intense smell of coffee beans. It’s truly appetizing to even breathe in this place. While I’m an avid coffee drinker, I tend to get their apple cider with the added syrup and cinnamon because I’m a autumn and cider junkie. I believe they have it throughout the winter but it’s my favorite drink of all time. I do really love their coffee but cider always puts me in a good mood in the fall. I regret not trying one of the pastries that are in the above picture but Taste of Belgium left me full and happy. Everyone there is always so friendly and helpful. I definitely recommend Coffee Emporium for a date, hangout or a place to study. Also, if you like coffee, this is obviously the place to go.


Reality Tuesday’s Butter Rum Cider

While the Butter Rum Cider wasn’t my favorite apple cider, their original is phenomenal. I am really picky about my apple cider. This is another coffee place (This time in Kentucky) that I’m in love with. They even had a cup that supported breast cancer awareness, so I was one happy lady. It’s a great place if you need lunch or a cup of coffee and again is a great date/hangout place. There lunches are incredibly inexpensive and tasty. An honorable mention would have to be their grasshopper drink.
What are your fall favorites? I’d love to know!

P.S. I’ve decided to do NanoWrimo this month. Follow me at JuliaGoolia1920 for a brief excerpt of what I’m working on, and good luck to fellow NanoWrimo(ers).

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